Thursday, May 05, 2005

05 05 05

Today is Cinco de Mayo, a pretty big day in Mexico and it's also celebrated in the US.

Oh, and in the US, it's also celebrated like "St. Paddy's day" - Mexican style; pass the Tequillas.


CitizenoftheUniverse said...

Is it really celebrated in Mexico? Are there any nomads who are from (or in May have traveled to) Mexico that can shed light on this? I thought one of our Mexican trainees said it wasn't that big of a deal in Mexico.

In Arizona, it is celebrated almost as heartily as St. Paddy's. It's about as meaningful too... really just an excuse to drink.

Dody G. said...

I was smoking on crack when I asserted it's big in Mexico.

One of the trainee here told me it's big in her hometown in Mexico (and I generalize it);