Friday, May 27, 2005

20 years

Jen covers the marijuana smuggling case that grip Australia.

"Yet long before the sentence was handed down many concerned Australians had elevated Corby to martyr status. But a martyr to what cause? There are 155 Australians in foreign jails on drugs charges, two facing the death penalty. However, their stories of personal tragedy, stupidity and brazen greed fail to move us, while Corby touches strangers: "If eyes are the windows to the soul, I see a soft kindness shining through," wrote one supporter. Others responded less benignly, turning instead on Indonesia.

Corby is an attractive and well-presented young woman, and patently distressed. She does not fit the stereotype of a drug mule. That may go some way towards explaining the torrent of public sympathy, but it was always immaterial to her innocence or guilt. There was never any argument that the marijuana was found in her luggage. The onus was always on her to provide a credible explanation of how it got there if she was to be acquitted." (Sydney Morning Herald Editorial)

NYTimes covers the verdic and you can find the extensive coverage in Australian media here.

This verdict is not the end of this case. Next step: appeal or prison exchange.

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Jesse said...

the case is, indeed, upsetting, but the only thing that makes it remarkable is that we have a pretty, well-to-do, white woman.

in the united states the prisons are brimming with drug offenders, mostly the ones who could not afford a good lawyer.

drug prohibition exaggerates the worth of drugs and creates a huge black market that need not be there. it incents people who would not normally enter into criminal business to get themselves involved in the entire black web.