Saturday, May 21, 2005

Another reality show..wait a min

NEW YORK (Reuters) - The man who made a hit movie out of eating McDonald's fast food for a month has filmed a "fundamentalist Christian" man living as a Muslim to find out what it's like to face the prejudice that many Muslims in America deal with since Sept. 11.

The experiment is part of "Super Size Me" Director Morgan Spurlock's new reality TV show "30 Days," which places people in a variety of unfamiliar circumstances for 30 days. The documentary maker,says the television show is driven by the desire to make people think about society's problems.

In one episode of the new TV show, a conservative straight man tries living with a gay roommate. In another, a mother turns to binge-drinking to send a warning to her daughter. Spurlock puts himself to the test by living on minimum wage in America.

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