Monday, May 02, 2005

Can anyone help?

I need some expert help on where / whom to stay with in Shanghai and a little bit about living expenses for a week...
I have applied to a course that is hosted 1 week in Shanghai and would like to find any reliable, fun information.




Wing said...

hey you! so you actually think AIESEC Mainland of China is sort of city guide or youth hostel or what?!

if you answer the same convicing "yes as I subconsiously Helen(outgoing LCP) via to get in touch with AIESEC Shanghai group please. ;) Fun is right there!


Aloke said...

Rohit Sathe is doing his traineeship in Shanghai - maybe you could ask him for accomodation.

Devrim said...

When are you going? Email me.

Rohit Sathe said...

Hey Beatriz,

U cud put up at my place if u r interested. U can mail me at, and mail me of ur travel plans.



Beatriz Guillen said...


Thanks for your help guys! :)
I just applied for a Venture Management course which is one week in Shanghai, one in Singapore and one in London.
If I get selected, then I will be telling you travel plans soon. :)


Rohit Sathe said...

Hey Beatriz,

is there a website or something where i cud look up this course of urs. Sounds interesting indeed!