Wednesday, May 11, 2005

casting call

it seems nomadlife needs a new look on the surface. what does need?

i will be redesigning the nomadlife template but would like input.

the key will be simplicity, attractiveness and readability.

how about a good looking map cleverly placed? nomadlife logo? what do you think? post your comments


wonderwomanyank said...

if you could design a map where each country was clickable and linked to the tagged blogs that would be great! ie we could clickc on the country and wed get to the list of blogs for that country.

Karola said...

I think Dody is working on it, but some kind of map-calander that could show where people are living and also when and where they are traveling, to allow more nomad gatherings, would be great!

Dody G. said...

a whole application suite is coming; they are taking a bit longer because I want a bunch of them done at the same time.

what Johny will be doing is a new design for