Friday, May 06, 2005

A couple of Madtown Goodbye's....

The people of Nomadlife!

I write to inform everyone of a couple good-bye events happening in Madison, WI, USA.

#1) Saturday, May 14th, 10PM: My very own, graduation party! That's right, I'm going off into the real world and going to make something happen. And to commenorate the event I will be throwing a huge graduation party for all the AIESECers and people who have impacted me over the last 4 years. There will be a party, and it wont stop until 8 in the mornin'. Take Monday off of work. Interested? Hit up my blog

#2) Tuesday, May 24th, 10PM: Mix's 21st birthday party and the LAST party at the Madison AIESEC House. We've had some great memories here in at the Lodge (as we like to call it): Including Halloween, as some may remember (or not) and the great times had with the numerous random strikers all the way from frozen St. Cloud, MN to warm and hippy Austin, TX. We want everyone to share in the ending of a great age at AIESEC - Madison and We will go out in style: Come early for the 9PM HOUR OF POWER, and stay for the 9AM HOUR OF POWER.

Subsequently, come to either or both events and say goodbye to Mix who is going to Egypt for 9 months, Burbs, who will be on Salaam this summer and then to Kenya for a whole year, Michael Bruni "AKA derbruhaha AKA Donald AKA Shoe Horn", who will be leaving on a traineeship to Japan for 9 months, and myself who will be moving to dreary old Manhatten for the rest of my immediate life.

As some of you have experienced first hand, Madison has turned partying into an art form. We take it seriously, and we would like nothing more than to house the entire Nomadlife community for one or two nights of all out debauchery. E-mail me at for any questions or to RSVP. I hear that even his Dodeness may make an appearence...

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