Friday, May 20, 2005

Diet Fads

I'm wondering how big are diet trends and fads around the world. In the US every year we will have the newest and greatest diet that will allow you eat as much as you can and lose a lot of weight. Diets companies are like buzzards feeding on the body insecurities of millions.


sakit said...

It seems to be a global phenomenon, dody.

In HK, they play commercials on buses (captive audience) about really fat girls going to beauty clinics (they're not _that_ fat to begin with) and turning into super skinny models. Rumor has it that good-looking women are recruited first, and then they proceed to fatten them up for a "before" shot.

It was also okay to run commercials in HK for the ab-tronic machines, which reportedly was banned in the US and Australia. They burned fat all right - and skin too.

Mel T. said...

Oh HK is full of them. The past few years I've been hearing about salons that SQUEEZE and massage your fat, so that it's loosened up and easier to lose.

My brother uses this as a torture method with my mom.

Abs said...

I've followed diet trends and fad diets for a while now and while its true that there are most who are fly by night operations looking to prey upon people's insecurities, there are also a handful that are genuine and are introduced with the best intentions. I can personally vouch for one such "fad" diet if you want to call it that.
Its worked for me. No frills, no crash courses, no disorders & i'm about 60 pounds lighter for it.

Superluli said...

In Egypt it's a huge business, But people go to nutritionists all the time, those people make a ton of money, I have been to four of them myself.
Diet pills like Meridia, Regitrim for reducing appetite and others for burning Fat, and others for allowing you to eat as much as you want and not absorb fat like Xenical are really big - and expensive. Some of them really work - that's on first hand experience - but the long term effects? are frightening

Number 1 said...

I went to Expo West this year (the largest Natural Products Expo in the US) and 'low glycemic' products were definitely the new thing. It is only going to get bigger, especially since the low carb craze has fizzled for the most part.

Beatriz Guillen said...

I totally agree Abs!

1 week ago I was thinking that this year is my 12 year anniversary since the first time I ever made a diet. And I have done them all.

However, the only one that has made me feel healthier, and actually lose weight has been South Beach... and I have tried everything.

Its been almost 30 pounds by now... and medically, my body has never been healthier.

Others? crap...