Friday, May 06, 2005

Equal Religious Rights for Women

Times are changing and women are no longer taking a back seat in religion and refusing to continue to allow men to tell them how they can and cannot practice their religion and live their lives.

An Islamic Bill of Rights for Women in the Bedroom
1. Women have an Islamic right to respectful and pleasurable sexual experience.

2. Women have an Islamic right to make independent decisions about their bodies, including the right to say no to sex.

3. Women have an Islamic right to make independent decisions about their partner, including the right to say no to a husband marrying a second wife.

4. Women have an Islamic right to make independent decisions about their choice of a partner.

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Mel T. said...

Okay... so are these proclaimed rights being respected?

Show me more.

Nisrin said...

Sometimes they are respected and other times they're not. There is still a long ways to go.

tiklod said...

I'll back Nis on that one.
From experience in Morocco, who is the first Arab state to formally (by law) refurbished the Madouwana (family code, which is now basically the women's code), it has been extremely dfficult to implement it into some parts of society (deemed almost impossible by some).

There is a long way to go indeed.

BG said...

The whole evolving of philosophy/religion as it conflicts with culture makes the underlying principals suspect to me.

Assuming the present evolution is correct, were the original interpretations incorrect or biased? Or has our current enlightenment, built on the interpretations of others, allowed a new and better interpretation to be divined: Were the original interpretations were based on an incomplete picture of the truth?

Regardless of the implications for the hereafter, equal rights are something I applaud. Keep us updated Nisrin.

Devrim said...

I've gotta find me a woman that can't read!

Nisrin said...

Unfortunately, that can be arranged.

Tom Gara said...

I'd just like to point something out- its not as if any of these "Islamic Rights" arent just basic moral principles or universal human rights.

It shows how backward some Islamic communities have become that in 2005 Islamic "reformists" are proclaiming that women deserve "Islamic Right" not to be raped, forced into marriage and physically abused.

Nisrin said...

It's not just the Islamic communities that are backwards.

How often are woman across the world either raped or physically abused?

My university was ranked the university with highest rapes reported in the state of ohio. How many rapes occur and go unreported?

Also, how often are women called sluts for having adult consensual sex?

It's all woman claiming woman have these rights.

It's obvious that some men just don't get it.