Thursday, May 26, 2005


Thea is safe and well, and blogging, in Ethiopia. Check it out.
"The following morning I woke up to a lovely shower, a nice soft fluffy bath robe and the view of Addis...... which was, I must say quite contrasting.... on one balcony I had a view of the slums of Addis, houses made out of metal and dirt with little metal roofs, and children playing football, on the other balcony I found greenery, limousines, people dressed in suits and luxury.....

I've now just returned from a place called Milky House - strange name for a pub, where I sat with some Swedish, Irish, Lebanese, Moroccan and Egyptians having beer (gosh!!!! 6 beers cost 12Birrs - 8Birrs is 1$ so I guess you can make the maths!!!)......."

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