Saturday, May 07, 2005

for all you science geeks out there :)

The Biblioteca Alexandria ( the newly constructed Library of Alexandria in Egypt) is holding the Einstein Symposium in June 2005.
This will be a chance for all Physics scientists and scholars to meet, interact and exchange ideas.

A scientific Contest is held for under- and post-graduates in the fields of physics and astophysics. Participants should present an experiment that explains one of the applications of Albert Einstein's theories that were presented in his 5 papers in 1905.
The prize is 3 tickets to the US to visit Princeton University, Einstein's house and office, and other tours in one week, and the Insitute of Advanced Studies (IAS) is offering full accomodation for those winners during their stay.

Among other things there will also be seminars held to discuss and share ideas and knowledge, and people are encouraged to submit papers, which once approved will be discussed in a session.

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