Friday, May 27, 2005

Leaving on a jet plane.

According to common myth(truth) the algorithms on online ticket buying is designed to attract buyers at certain time according to deman. You can get the cheapest flight on a wednesday at 3AM EST. So buy tickets on wedneesday early in the morning...

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Beatriz Guillen said...

I don't agree with your statement.
Sometimes its just pure casualty that at that precise hour you found the cheapest ticket.

Your statement can be true if before that time, the flight was full and its lowest classes closed, however normally at around midnight, "robots" go on canceling reservations of those who had time limits for the day before, liberating some spaces for those lower classes and so it happens that at 3am, no one else has taken those spaces, so, given this point of view, then yes... flights can be cheaper at 3am, because no one else has taken them at that time and not because of a marketing strategy to increase demand at those times.