Monday, May 02, 2005

Mind game - are you up for it???

Hello everyone....I spent part of my weekend trying to figure out the following logic game that was masterminded by Einstein himself. This is a game that he used to test the logical thoughts of his students when he was giving classes in Schaffhausen.Let's see if you can solve it as well.

Please read the following sentences carefully and them relate them:

  1. There are 5 houses and each has a different colour;
  2. In each house lives a person with a different nationality;
  3. Each person has a different pet, smokes a different brand of cigarretes and drinks a different type of drink;
  4. The Englishmen lives in the red house;
  5. The Swedish has dogs;
  6. The Dannish drinks tea;
  7. The green house is locates on the left side of the white house;
  8. The person that lives on the green house drinks coffee;
  9. The person that smokes "Marlboro" raises birds;
  10. The person who lives in the yellow house smokes "Hollywood";
  11. The person who lives in the house in the middle drinks milk;
  12. The Norwegian lives in the first house;
  13. The person who smokes "Charme" lives right next to the person who raises cats;
  14. The person who raises horses lives right next to the person who smokes "Hollywood";
  15. The person who smokes "Free", drinks beer;
  16. The German smokes "Camel";
  17. The Norwegian lives next to the blue house;
  18. The person who smokes "Charme" lives right next to the one who drinks water.

Now take a deeo breath and answer the following question: Who has the fish as a pet animal?


dturk said...

although a good question. there is very high prob. of guessing it because it doesnt ask for details

Goncalo Leonard said...

So if it's so high, what's your guess? ;-)

you have to have 1 house, 1 colour, 1 pet, 1 drink and 1 brand in a way that respect the 18 rules set.

PS: What details doesn't it ask for?

Oriana Torres said...

The answer is the norwegian.

tiklod said...

The Einstein favorite!

Mind you that this is a standard question in any interview with Microsoft.

I won't spoil it for ya'll though.

dturk said...

the prob. is high because thtere are onoly 5 nationalities to choose from. tell me your email addy. so i dont ruin it for the other people.

dturk said...

do u your hw more lovely oriana

Dan said...

dturk, the probability of guessing without using any of the clues is, quite obviously, 1 in 5 or 20%. I would not call that "very high". And to avoid guesses, we can ask for the full details of each of the 5 houses instead (there is enough information to answer this).

Oriana, it is not the Norweigan.

And for the sake of logical completeness, we should also add a condition that reads "One of them has a pet fish." Otherwise, the best we can do is name the 4 nationalities who definitely don't have a pet fish, but we cannot say for sure if the remaining nationality has a fish or some other animal.

Jesse said...

the answer is on my weblog

Jesse said...

i gave the problem to a student as an exercise so i could work on it myself in peace and she would forget to ask me chemistry questions

Dody G. said...

create a table and fill the details and you'll get the answer.

Aneesh said...

Never seen this "famous" puzzle before, but awesome indeed. how long are these Microsoft interviews? :) I woudnt beleive the 45 min. i took to solve this would be the time they'd sit there waiting? Hmmmm...

Oriana Torres said...

hey! I just gave a random answer just for fun jejeje... I thought it was this kind of things that are jokes and do not really have an answer! but now it seems it´s real :) - cool, enjoy guys!

Amit Desai said...

Cool puzzle.
'The German' is the answer!

Dan said...

I think I need to take back the part of my comment where I said it's not the Norwegian. As Goncalo has pointed out elsewhere, it COULD be the Norwegian (yet it can also be the German). Because condition 7 does not say that the green house has to be immediately to the left of the white house, but only that it has to be on the left, this gives rise to two different solutions.

So Oriana it seems you had a lucky guess :)
Actually in one sense it's good that the puzzle has two answers - it means that anybody who just guesses a person instead of working it all out will only ever have an incomplete answer, and therefore won't get full marks :)

Nacho said...

If you are a visual person, create a table with the different pieces of information and re-read all sentences. At the end of sqeezing your brain you will find out there are three options:
- The German
- The one who lives in the green house
- The one who drinks coffee
And you try to choose one of them, but VOILA, these three are the same person. Thus, the answer is THE GERMAN.
(Going home now. I need to watch some dumb reality show to balance my head after this mental riddle!!)

Amit Desai said...

Here is how the solution worked out:

1. Norwegian - Yellow - Water - Hollywood - Cats
2. Dannish - Blue - Tea - Charme - Horses
3. English - Red - Milk - Marlboro - Birds
4. German - Green - Coffee - Camel - Fish
5. Swedish - White - Beer - Free - Dogs

Hoping for some rains to curb the mumbai heat :)