Friday, May 27, 2005


the last template got ugly quickly, and as a result, i dragged the file to my recycle bin.

so dody and i went back to the drawing board. three minutes later, we came up with a new approach- themes. for example a beach theme or a metropolis theme, as shown above. there could be several of them (i.e. desert, jungle, mountains, food (cooking), girls) and dody suggested a rotation about every week or so.

any ideas?


sakit said...

Excellent! May I suggest some potential themes?
- Jungle
- Roads (country, falling leaves)
- Desert
- Skyline
- Sunset
- Music
- Underwater (tropical diving)
- Ice & snow
- European streets

sakit said...

Where will the links and rotating pix go?

Johnny said...

everything would go in the middle and i would be sure not to leave anything out. what i show is the header and footer.

Beatriz Guillen said...

I like the metropolis one very much

dturk said...

since nomadlifee is about the people. maybe use peoples pictures in the top half of the frame...

T-rent said...

That's a hot idea.

Adi said...

I love the metropolis idea really