Friday, May 13, 2005

none of the above

comment here if you find them all very, very disappointing.


Phil L said...

I posted a comment under another one of his designs, but I don't think the apathy it contained fully conveys the extreme sense of disappointment and frustration I feel in the decision that Dody has made in actively encouraging someone with no discernible talent in anything to redesign the nomadlife website. Nothing in his blog indicates that "johnnyd" possesses any sense of insight into any area of interest that would require a minimum of creativity: his posts are trite recollections of his feelings and embellishments of his mundane lifestyle. Now I've never met the man (or woman) myself but I would think that the failure of individuality of thought on his part would extend to his design skills-such a prediction it seems should be easy to make but one that Dody nonetheless failed to make, perhaps blinded by petty friendship. All of these designs are terrible.

Dody G. said...

(warning: above post is a joke btw people; they are roommates)