Monday, May 09, 2005

Preserving Reader's Trust

"Preserving Our Readers? Trust
A Report to the Executive Editor
Last fall, roughly a year after your acceptance of the Siegal Committee recommendations on our newsroom?s culture, you asked us to take a fresh look at some of the steps we had taken to increase readers? confidence in The Times. You asked about anonymous sources and whether the paper had done everything possible to minimize their occurrence and maximize our candor when using them. You asked whether we could cut our error rate by a significant amount and thereby give readers greater confidence in our reliability. You asked us to look beyond our walls and investigate our industry?s best practices: Are other leading papers taking steps that we should adopt to reinforce our readers? trust in us? And you were notably concerned about the din of outside criticism, about what seemed to be an unceasing drumfire from both left and right, amplified by the passions of the presidential election campaign and the wondrous reach of the Internet. Was it any longer possible to stand silent and stoic under fire?" (NYTimes) (.pdf)

This is recommendation report created for New York Times, the most distinguished US newspaper, on improving integrity of their journalism.

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