Saturday, May 14, 2005

travelogue by a nomad: Bogota, Colombia

A short 'travelogue' I wrote on Bogota was recently published in the Indian Express's sunday magazine.

- Naaz

Read it here.


Paito said...

Saki: put a smile on me :D.. welcome any time to Bogota, Colombia!!.. I can show u the best of Bogota ;).. no fears!

bine said...

right now, I miss Colombia so much... great read!

Naaz said...

Thanks Saki... for the publicity ; )

Just want to say two things:
1. The article has a box with some facts, titled 'coke heights'. This was added by the editor without my knowledge, something that I'm not happy about.

2. Bogotá is a fabulous city! Come visit!


sakit said...

Naaz, couldn't help it - you've got some magic in the way you write.

Paola, I'm not making any promises, but it's definitely a thought that's crossed my mind.

Surya Swamy said...

naaz, you never ceaze to amaze. Great read.

Paulie said...

naaz, great work!