Sunday, May 08, 2005

Where do we go from here?

I've been thinking about this for a few days now, and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

Where does go from here?

By all means, it's fantastic that there are a bunch of cool people here who share their views, and experiences - but is this the cap that goes on this idea?
Nomadlife is a super idea; I just think that there is more... just a hunch... something more to sap the true potential.

Children of the revolution... is this it?


T-rent said...

I think Dody is working on a board where people can post trips/get-togethers. I think the next goal is to pull the community offline and get people to start meeting up in obscure places.

Or maybe we can start publishing treasure maps. That would be fun.

Devrim said...

We are trying to encourage more input on the wiki drawing board. It gives us good indication of what some of the percieved needs are. Some of the best ideas usually come from the membership. Please don't forget that nomadlife is a growing organic ecosystem, the people make it what it is.

Trent is correct, a "calendar" feature is being developed among other upgrades.

Tom Gara said...

Nomadlife needs metadata.

We need to "tag" blogs, and posts, with information that can help categorise and syndicate the stuff that we nomads are writing about.

For example, every blog in Africa needs to be tagged "Africa". Every post discussing Islam needs an "Islam" tag.

The stuff that is being done with is great, and I think we could quite easily apply it to nomadlife blogs. Tagging postings might be more difficult (pity we areant using Movable Type, which tags posts like a mo'fo). But I'm sure The Dode can work something out.

Another discussion I will start soon is how blogging, and nomadlife, can be best utilised by AIESEC. That is another discussion that needs to be had.

Nisrin said...

Nomadlife is a great blogging community filled with a diverse group of people. But, something is missing and it has been bugging me for a while. Majority of the people represent anywhere from 85-91 countries (Aiesec countries ? the number keeps on changing :)), but there are people out there in the world who aren?t represented here. We have these amazing discussions and issues are brought up, but where are these people?s voices. I want to hear what these people have to say.

We talk about Islam. Why, not invite Muslims with different points of view to the discussion?

Take for example a discussion about Iraq why not include someone currently living there? Why not hear their perspective?

This should apply to all parts of the world and issues going on.

Why not invite these people into the community?

There is a discussion I would like to have with both the Nomad community and Arab blogging community. I want to hear all the different opinions. How do I go about having this conversation? Do I start conversations in both communities or is their a way I can bring it together and have one conversation with everyone represented?


Also, sometimes there are things I want to do with Nomadlife, but I don?t feel like I can. It?s not just my community. My first instinct is to ask Dody, but then I think to myself, he is only one nomad. He doesn?t represent the whole community. Digs and Dody did an amazing thing by creating Nomadlife, but that?s not what makes it great. What makes nomadlife the greatness that it is, is all the participants and people involved. It?s the people that make Nomadlife.

So, often my questions go unanswered and my ideas go nowhere. Who makes the decisions in nomadlife? If I want to do something, can I just go and do it?

Dody G. said...


nomadlife is a sand box. use it as you please. and play nice.

if you have an idea, just go ahead with it. You will definately get a feedback from the others here whether it's a good idea or not; which is very useful. nomadlife has nothing to lose, so you might as well be daring.

in terms of decision making, it belongs to you.If it is as important as life and death issue with time urgency, Digs and I will have the final say.

Dody G. said...


strike one;

I will send nomad thugs to destroy your apartment if you post one more of difficult pondering like this.

On the online side, I think the path is clearer (including one that Tom's suggested; that rascal actually the one that come up with the idea o rotating pictures on this main blog)

On the mud side (offline /reality /physical world), the possibilites are endless, which off course the problem :) It really depends on someone to take a lead and make ideas happen. The total IQ capacity in this community is increasing daily; exploit it.

What do you think? You must have been pondering about this question and come with some things you think will be great to make a reality.