Friday, May 06, 2005

Why Smart People Have Bad Ideas? (essay)

"We should have expected this. It's very common for a group of founders to go through one lame idea before realizing that a startup has to make something people will pay for. In fact, we ourselves did." (Paul Graham)


BG said...

I have a half finished blog entry titled "Why I'm not an independent event planner" about this essay. I love this essay cuz it's soooo damn true. It's something so insanely obvious that it gets easily overlooked. I can point to several friends and pinpoint this as the reason their endeavors aren't as wildly successful as they'd hope.

You start doing something cuz you like doing it... eventually you wonder why nobody is paying you for doing it... and realize the world is rarely that serendipitous. It's then time to regroup, and figure out a way to do what you want, while doing something other people want to pay you to do. bizarre.

Dody G. said...

Finish the darn blog entry and share it with us

Mel T. said...

But that's the cycle one has to go through... parents tell us to do what we like... we realize it's not practical. We tell our children to do what's practical... then they rebel and try to do what they like.