Thursday, July 07, 2005

Safety of friends in London

We are with you

Li'er still waiting anxiously for the news of her sisters working in Kings Cross Station, London, which is very near to the second explosion. Let's pray that they are OK.

So far the following people have checked in safe and sound:
- AIESEC UK MC ( Mark Duffield, Heather Brierly, Henry Richards, Scott Douglas, Lucy Morgan )
- AIESEC UK trainees
- Wonderwoman
- La Contessa
- Dean Addis -- currently traveling in Asia
- Kate Barker
- Srini
Aiesec Australia Alumni (Denise Thomas, Jacqui Evans)

more ..

Even though word that all @ alumni are ok, it is important to list out their names so those people who google their friends looking for news can alleviate their fears.

Still news is pending regarding:
- Evrim Sen (OK)
- Burcu Savran (OK)
- Susana Muhammad
- Nigel Stephenson
- Carey Benn (OK)
- Louise Barber
- Lisa Renissen (OK)
- Kene
- Annemieke (NL) (OK)
- Steve K. (UK) (OK)
- Heath OK
- Guy Collins

UPDATE (Tom G) - All AIESEC International people are OK - thanks for the millions and millions of emails.

If you have others who are in the city and you haven't heard from, or you have news on anyone on or not on this list, please feel free to modify this post or make a comment.