Saturday, July 01, 2006

United on the road to Berlin

"It feels better than ever before in Germany now," says Harry Kaesmacher.

It is only half an hour since Germany knocked Argentina out of the World Cup on penalties, so he may be heady with victory, but he sounds convinced.

German fans at Brandenburg Gate
Many Germans feel football success would make them feel less divided
Since the reunification of Germany in 1990, he says, "we have been a little bit not sure, divided - but now we all take this feeling together and make a better Germany. I feel it all over the country."

There is a billboard in the Potsdamer Platz that harks back to Germany's previous World Cup triumphs.

It says: "1954 Bern; 1974 Munich; 1990 Rome; 2006 Here!"



Walter said...

queda claro q hacía 16 años q alemania no podía ganarle a la argentina.
hicimos un excelente mundial. me voy contento.
ya pueden sentarse, argentina ya no avanza.

Marta said...

I think Germans didn't deserved it in tjis game. Argentinas teams was playing much better and than they was kicked out through penalties.It's not far at all!

Mo said...

Can't complaint, my forecast of seeing Germany as the world champion could still be truth.

Marta said...

I very much hope that some of those teams kick the german ass out and their dream of becoming world champion will desapear :)

Thomas said...

a) Winning in penalty shoot-out is not a matter of luck but of mental strength and concentration.

b) Argentina has morally disqualified itself by the shameful reaction they showed on field right after the match. It's a disgrace.

c) Spirits are flying high here in Germany at the moment, especially because the German team is so much better than everybody thought and expected. People are hoping that this is the same with the German society overall. What you see on the streets is not "new-born patriotism" but simple joy. It can, eventually, turn into patriotism if a lot of other, non-football things go well in the near future. Success in football would merely be a contribution but not the trigger itself. But many people including me aren't sure if they want to see patriotism in Germany ... they'd rather prefer to see passion and dedication for other things than "the nation".

Hanna said...

I was in Frankfurt during this game and watched it at some sports bar. I'm not German, nor am I particularly a huge football fan, but I must say by the end of the game, I was screaming and jumping and clapping with the rest of them. I live in Germany right now and the energy is definitely incredible. The entire city of Frankfurt poured into the streets to celebrate- it was quite a sight.

But the coolest thing I saw was this... Everyone was celebrating on the streets, drinking, singing, and having a great time when I saw a little 5 year old boy wearing an Argentinian jersey looking extremely sad. Some German guy with a flag wrapped around his shoulders also noticed him and kneeled down to shake his hand and give him a big hug. His family took their photo and the little boy finally smiled.

Marta said...

Hanna, all you've written about the small boy is so cute! It's really pity he couldn't celebrate the win of is team ;(