Saturday, August 04, 2007

Helsinki and Copenhagen Accommodations

Hey there fellow nomads! I have a buddy who is going to Helsinki and Copenhagen for two academic conferences and has been having some trouble finding hostel accommodations (mostly in Helsinki). It seems that most hostels are booked pretty solid. In fact, one of the hostels double booked and told him he can't stay there but is still trying to charge him for a reservation cancellation!

Anyway, does anyone have a good suggestion for a place that might have a vacancy, excluding some of the major ones you'd find on an internet search because I'm sure he's already tried those? Like many a traveler, he's looking for inexpensive (I know this is a relative term, but give it your best guesstimate), mostly just a place to rest at night and a shower as he'll be pretty busy with all the conference business. Or perhaps there is even a super generous AIESECer, Alum, or fellow traveler who's been in a similar situation and wouldn't mind having someone crash on their couch for a couple nights. Any advice and/or offers would be outstanding! Some ways to get in touch with me:



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