Friday, August 03, 2007

Never Again ? Yeah right

A contemplation on Genocide

"As a result, even if you call the chaos and killing that might follow troop withdrawal genocide, it's not enough to derail the exit. Genocide: Happens all the time, we can't be paralyzed by the word.
" (Slate)

The article is a worth a read because it argues that we should elevate the standard for defining an event as Genocide, above all others mere "violence" so that its meaning does not get dilluted. The burden to act in the event of Genocide is great so the word should not be thrown around easily.


Adam said...

very interesting article posing thoughtful questions, though deliberately avoiding suggesting any answers.

What if there was an unlimited supply of peacekeepers -what would we do with them and when would we use them?

Dody G. said...

With unlimited amount of peacekeepers, we'll end up with Colonialism part deux or some global governments.

Pierre said...

Actually, things might get pretty bad... no more fighting, no more wars.. meaning no more defense industries.. meaning a pretty damaged US economy.. meaning a pretty disastrous consequence for the world economy...

If the downfall of a few billion worth of sub-prime stock can take out markets around the world, imagine what a downfall in a few hundred billion dollars industry can do!

Kleinsies said...

Shouldn't we be concerned that there is "more" genocide today?