Monday, August 20, 2007

upbeat assessment from The Economist

Because this crisis taps so deeply into the newly devised structures of finance, anyone who says the worst is definitely over is either a fool or someone with a position to protect. As risk has become bewilderingly dispersed, so too has information. Nobody yet knows who will bear what losses from mortgages—because nobody can be sure what those loans are really worth. Nobody knows if tighter lending standards will oblige borrowers to raise more capital, triggering more sales in stockmarkets and more pain. Nobody knows how messy the inevitable bankruptcies will turn out to be. What markets need now is time to piece that information back together. Time before the next wave strikes.


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dturk said...

the problem is that nobody knows nothing. its stupid to make a claim when nobody knows nothing. i guess someone needs to tell the newspapers that you cant comment on nothing. but then jon stewart wouldnt have a job.