Tuesday, August 28, 2007

US health care

A columnist for the Boston Globe describes an event where a retired US supreme court justice talked about her fear of being bankrupt by medical bills. (link)

The columnist says that wealthy Americans, like wealthy residents of failed states, always have to worry about their relatives begging for money to pay hospital bills.


Nirmalan said...

Better to be asked to pay for bills than to have to do the asking I s'pose. But I think the Australian system is a nice healthy mix between the overly capitalist US system and the overly welfare-state European systems.

simi said...

I like the fact that everyone in Germany has health insurance. Either through their job, a family member or through the Government. If you're working it only costs you a percentage of your pay to get enrolled, you would never get asked to pay $400 per month in health insurance while working a EUR600 job there. It would be somwhere around 7-10% of your pay, and that's it. It's really affordable for everyone. If you're earning a lot of money this percentage gets capped at a certain amount, so you do pay more than somebody making less money, but everyone is enrolled.