Sunday, August 19, 2007


Wikiscanner is exposing just who is editing the site:

Now a website designed to monitor editorial changes made on Wikipedia has found thousands of self-serving edits and traced them to their original source. It has turned out to be hugely embarrassing for armies of political spin doctors and corproate revisionists who believed their censorial interventions had gone unnoticed.

Some of the guilty parties identified by the website, such as the Labour Party, the CIA, Republican Party and the Church of Scientology, are well-known for their obsession with PR. But others, such as the Anglican and Catholic churches or even the obscurely titled Perro de Presa Canario Dog Breeders Association of America, are new to the dark arts of spin.

The website, Wikiscanner, was designed by Virgil Griffith, a graduate student from the California Institute of Technology, who downloaded the entire encyclopedia, isolating the internet-based records of anonymous changes and IP addresses.

Stupid accountability, poor Exxon, always get the bad rap.

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Jesse said...

to be amused, look at wired's list of salacious edits. anti-semite entries from al-jazeera, anti-black entries from local police departments, scandal bowdlerizing from nypd