Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The Cocktail Contest

Dear plenary:

It is now time to recognize our achievements over the past year. The Meredith Higgelblaum award for excellence is give each year to the committee that not only delivers outstanding results, but also showcases great motivation and propriety when present in public. No one will win this award.

As for the fourth place in the Mionetto brand Prosecco cocktail contest, with 1556 votes, with a drink that truly inspires, it is given each year to someone who doesn't quite win the free trip to New York city, not like he'd need it all that much anyways since he could drive there any weekend, and is too dignified to submit his drink to the contemptuous smirk of an panel of judges from the industry. Yours truly!

thanks to everyone for voting, and fourth place is still quite respectable.


Dody G. said...

It was really promising in the early days.

Mix said...

It's just proof that our youth is the best time of our lives.