Thursday, April 30, 2009

How to overreact

"The United Nations said the mass cull of up to 300,000 pigs was "a real mistake" because the new viral strain – a mix of swine, avian and human viruses – has not actually been found in pigs.

Still, on Thursday, the state began confiscating animals anyway.

Police and health officials arrived at Sayed’s house early in the morning Thursday. They threatened to arrest him if he did not surrender the animals, and after hitting him on the head and legs several times, he gave in.

When he arrived at the slaughterhouse with the animals, he received no compensation from the government, instead he was actually charged for the cost of slaughtering the pigs. He was also told that he would be given the meat after the animals were slaughtered so he could try to sell it, but he hasn’t received it yet."

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