Monday, April 13, 2009

Making a stand

"In 1972 AIESEC South Africa was told to extend AIESEC to the black and colored universities or risk expulsion from AIESEC International. When they began the extension process in earnest, a few other NCPs and I said we would raise money for travel scholarships for black and colored students who got traineeships as well as raise traineeships in the first place. Research played a big role in identifying which foundations and companies might support this effort in the USA. Cummins and the Cummins Foundation came across our radar screen. We mailed a proposal them and I flew out to pitch it. They decided to support both the travel scholarship effort through the foundation and also offered two one year long traineeships. As it turned out Cummins welcomed both a black and a colored South African student." (aieseclife)

That what courage looks like. It would take another 18 years for South Africa to turn around and dropped its dickhead Apartheid policy.

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