Saturday, July 11, 2009

"At one point, I also had this revelation that we were no longer going to go through all this development of strategic plans. We would go through this massive process of creating these endless strategic plans and reviewing them. And I don’t know how many years we did that until I said: “Forget it. We don’t even need to do this anymore. Let’s figure out our priorities and how we are going to measure our success. And then we’re going to let people run after those goals.” And that just freed up all the energy.

That was sort of foundational — then lots of other people came into the picture to figure out how you really create a kind of data-driven organization where, at every level, we’ve got the right goals.

We spent the last year asking ourselves, “Where do we want to be in 2015?” And that led to this analysis of our priorities. How are we going to measure our success? What should our goals be? But it wasn’t a plan for exactly what everyone in the organization should do, or what should even be the key strategies. It was this massive, from-the-ground-up inclusive process that just got everyone aligned with our priorities and goals." (NY Times)

Interview with Wendy Kopp, founder and chief executive of Teach for America.

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