Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Election Day

Prisoners' voices: A number of prisoners at Purbalingga, Central Java, show off their inked fingers after voting at the Purbalingga Penitentiary on Wednesday. (Jakarta Post)

I didn't know that a felon is allowed to vote in Indonesia. A quick poll count estimates that the incumbent will win the election with 60% of the vote. This means that we will not a have a run off voting in September.

So far the there is no report of any shenanigans from independent local and international election monitors.

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Jesse said...

i think it's a good idea to allow prisoners to vote.

in post-civil war US one route to disenfranchising blacks was to pass and punctiliously enforce laws forbidding what southern lawmakers considered to be common behaviors amongst blacks (and undesirable whites). i don't know if similar motivations are operating in any part of the world right now.

it would be interesting to see how local politics would be affected in municipalities in the US whose main industry is a prison if prisoners were allowed to vote and were considered residents of the county where they were incarcerated.