Sunday, July 26, 2009

Interview with an Iranian student part 1

This is part one of a multi part interviews with an Iranian student conducted via email. Korush is a pseudo name.

1. Please introduce yourself.

I am korush, a 23 year old student of Engineering in Islamic Azad University in Iran.

2. From the outside world, the green movement has died down somewhat. There is a perception that Ahmedinajad and Khamenei have prevailed. What are the views inside Iran regarding this?

The thing is what you see from outside Iran, is true at surface...meaning that people here, are not protesting like first days after elections, but if you look deeper into the country, you see that people are still fighting! People are trying to find the ways to fight against the Islamic regime which could have lesser casualties! After the Friday Prayers on 19th June, which was taken by Ali Khamenei, the Supreme Leader, the amount and brutality of repressions increased considerably, and it was after that, when people realized that the main person behind these incidents is khamenei and he is the one who supports Ahmadinejad and the coup after the elections. So people started to shout against him in their protests. And what the protesters want, deep down themselves, is the downfall of Khamenei right now. You may have heard about the overloading of electricity networks at certain time by people, which is a new kind of protest and has no casualties! or writing slogans on the walls in different part of the city with green collor, which reads: "Mousavi, we support Mousavi, Down to Khamenei, Down to Mojtaba Khamenei (who is the son of the leader and is considered, unofficially, as the person in command of the repressions and the coup!), "V", etc". And there Iranian people in abroad too. They are actually doing a great job!! You should know about 25th pf July, United For Iran, campaign. Or about the "Cycling for Human Rights in Iran" which is taking place on july 25,26 & 27 from Toronto to Embassy of Iran in Ottawa! So, I tell with much confidence that the green movement has not died down!

3. Did you know anyone being imprisoned right now? What are the processes that their family have to go through in trying to free them?

I do not know anyone in my friends or family being imprisoned! But I could tell you about what happens to such families! If a person gets caught, his/her family will not be informed about it. It is a really bad situation...They don't know where he/she is, whether he/she has been caught, or killed or is gone missing...nothing!!! Nobody will tell you anything, and even if you go after the missing person, there will be no proper answer; everybody tries to reject any kind of responsibility! Finally after such a long time you will be informed about the arrest...either they call you or they publish a list of arrested people. Yet, you do not know what has happened in prison. The person may end up dead!

4. Is there any lasting change in Tehran right now after the demonstrations or has everything returned back to normal?

As I said for the 2nd question, the protests have been changed from street protests, to slow, stable and eroding ones. Yet, at any proper occasion, people are willing to come to the streets, like the Friday Prayers taken by Rafsanjani on 17th July; also people are planning to come out on the day which the President has to take swear in parliament and then get confirmed by the leader!!

5. Is there any significant to the news that Khamenei ordered Ahmedinajad to fire his first Vice President Rahim Mashaei?

Yes, absolutely. You should know it by now that the letter of Khamenei to Ahmadinejad was even published in media and even in IRIB! And it means that, even though (as they say) Ahmadinejad got almost 25 million votes (which absolutely a big lie!), it counts nothing...because the leader can interfere in anything, even in selecting his Vice President!!

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