Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Interview with an Iranian student part 2

6. Did you know people that support Ahmedinajad? What are their reasoning for sticking to the status quo?

Yes I know people that support Ahmadinejad, even among my relatives and friends...but they are few compared to Mousavi and other 2 candidates supporters; the ratio is like 1 to 5 (although I guess it is more than that!). They have been deceived by his words and appearance, I can't think of any other reason! Also, Ahmadinejad is totally against Hashemi Rafsanjani, and some people for this very stupid reason, support him! These people are really simpletons, they do not have much sense of reasoning!

7. How is the relations between people that support Ahmedinajad with the ones supporting his competitors?

It is not good! It's tense actually! I can tell you about my relatives; There are harsh discussions among us and every time we get angry and one side becomes sad of the other side; we cannot tolerate each other anymore!!

8. What is the goal of this 'movement' right now? Ending the reign of Khomenei?

I can't tell you exactly what is the goal of the movement. Anything could happen. But I know that many people agree that there should not be any other revolution. Also, many people, including myself, want religion (Islam) to be separated from the politics and administration. We would like to do huge reforms in Iran, starting with the changing of the name of our country, from "Islamic Republic of Iran", to "Republic of Iran" or "Democratic Republic of Iran". But, whether this is going to happen or not, I can't really tell right now! We did not do revolution to overthrow the Shah (king) and bring up a religious Shah and an Islamic kingdom!!

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