Sunday, July 12, 2009

progress concerning human rights.

We are concerned about some oppressions today. In 1381 the English preacher John Ball was drawn, hung, beheaded, disemboweled and quartered for having written the following letter to the community of Essex:

John Schep, som tyme Seynt Marie prest of Yorke, and nowe of Colchestre, greteth welle Johan Nameles, and Johan the Mullere, and Johan Cartere, and biddeth hem that thei ware of gyle in borugh, and stondeth togiddir in Goddis name, and biddeth Peres Ploughman go to his werke, and chastise welle Hobbe the robber, and taketh with you Johan treman, and alle his felaws, and no mo, and loke scharpe you to on heued, and no mo.
Johan the Muller hath ygrownde smal, smal, smal;
The Kyngis sone of hevene shalle pay for alle.
Be ware or ye be wo,
Knoweth your frends fro youre foo,
Haveth ynowe, and seythe 'Hoo:'
And do welle and bettre, and fleth synne,
And seketh pees, and holde therynne.
And so biddeth Johan Treman and all his felawes.

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