Friday, July 10, 2009

Sexuhara capital

"Last week, Egypt's Ministry of Endowments, the government division responsible for the administration of mosques, distributed the informational booklet to mosques across the country in what appears to be one of the first serious government responses to a problem that has become impossible to ignore. While Egypt's sexual harassment epidemic has earned the country a reputation as one of the worst harassment locations in the Middle East, the government has gained notoriety among bloggers and human-rights groups for denying the very existence of a problem. Then in 2008, the Egyptian Center for Women's Rights, a Cairo-based NGO, released the first extensive report on the issue. Out of 1,010 Egyptian women surveyed, some 83% said they had experienced sexual harassment. Nearly half reported being subject to harassment on a daily basis, with abuses ranging from lewd comments to violent molestation."

No one is surprised. No, I don't think spreading pamplhets to Mosques are going to make a difference. Egyptians are already one of the most religious society on earth. You need parents to start drilling manners to their sons.

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