Wednesday, July 15, 2009

We less suck now

The European Union has lifted a two-year ban on Indonesian airlines’ entering its airspace, setting the stage for Garuda, the state carrier, to expand its operations worldwide.

The E.U. barred all 51 Indonesian airlines from landing on its runways in 2007, citing lax safety standards. The order also required travel agents in Europe to inform customers planning to travel in Indonesia of the country’s poor safety record.

..The European Union lifted the ban Tuesday on Garuda and three other carriers: Mandala, a small passenger airline; the cargo operator PremiAir; and Airfast, which offers charter flights..

..In 2007, the rate of fatal crashes in Indonesia was significantly higher than the world average, according to Ascend, a consulting company based in London. Indonesia had 3.77 fatal accidents for every million takeoffs in the three years that ended in March 2007, compared with a global average of 0.25." (NY Times)

We have 51 airlines and only 4 are considered safe enough right now. We were banned along with Republic of Gabon, the glorious country of Kazhakstan, Angola, the superpower Swaziland and some very few other fucked up countries. Here's the ban list with all the glory details.

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