Friday, February 03, 2012

Clashes restart in Cairo today

Last night I wrote this on my Facebook wall:
Cairo is tense. In my neighborhood the usually heavy traffic vanished - tomorrow is Friday so Thursday night is usually traffic jam night. Not tonight. The massacre at Port Said affected the most beloved football team in Egypt and this unites people across their ideological/religious/class lines. There's a raging anger in the city and we shall see how it manifests tonight and the rest of the weekend.

Now we are seeing the reactions in progress in Downtown Cairo and other cities in Egypt.

This was the barrier erected on the way to Interior Ministry at Downtown Cairo after the previous week long bloody clashes mere two months ago. The protesters dismantled in last night and now the street stone and tear gas battles rage on the street and surrounding area.  

More pictures from last night here.This stream also has plenty of pictures of what's happening yesterday and today.

Usually I will come drop by Tahrir when there are demonstrations but I am sitting this one out. There are too much tear gas and too much anger on the street.

These time lapsed pictures showed first one of the main entrance to Tahrir square. The latter part at the night showed a section of the Mohammed Mahmoud St where the Ministry of Interior is located. This street witnessed a violent week long clashes two months ago.

There is a palpable sense of crisis at this moment. Many people do not much care about the revolution and all the politics but people greatly love their football and especially El Ahly club, the best football club in Egypt (they won the country's league cup for 6 consecutive year now). This is a country with fanatical love for football and El Ahly is their biggest team. Now they are chanting against the military ruler.

Where do we go from here? I frankly do not know. We might see an intense fight for a week (like previous clashes) which then burn out. Or we might see more profound political concession from the military ruler to speed up the date of transition to civilian power (scheduled for July this year). Or we might see Revolution 2.0.

I have no idea but hang tight.

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