Friday, February 10, 2012

What you think matters

A wonderful piece from Dave Winer
I need to be reminded of WYTM because when I grew up what I thought absolutely did not matter. My parents often put words in my mouth. They would infer intent that wasn't there. They would call me names based on how my body looked to them. When I would object they screamed as if I were hurting them. I kept thinking how unfair this was, but I accepted their judgement. They have no idea who I am. But they've decided what I think. The problem for 15-year-olds is that to a large extent we had to accept our parents' vision for who we are. They were your whole world then. At 15 you look a lot like an adult, but you're still very much a child. And these people you trust are very confused about you. They aren't telling you that WYTM, quite the opposite. What You Think Counts For Shit. In all that confusion it's easy to forget that you matter. You get lost in trying to be who they say you are, and in more ways you're trying to be not who they say you are. It takes a lot of years to dig out of this hole.

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