Saturday, August 18, 2012

Exodus of Bodo people in India

From Thursday night till late on Friday, when more than 2,500 people left for the northeast in four special trains, Chennai Central resembled a huge refugee camp. Each time a train rolled on to the platform, there was a concerted rush to get in. More than 300 people were seen crammed into a coach designed for 72. Every inch of space inside, even the toilets, was taken.

The exodus began after hundreds of people landed at Egmore railway station to board the Chennai-Dibrugarh Express. But only around 300 could get in. Those who couldn't flooded Central station by around 11 pm. Soon, others began arriving in batches from different parts of the city with their belongings, including buckets and bed rolls, accompanied by women and children. They kept arriving till around 4am on Friday . Many waited for hours for the trains to come. Some slept while others were seen swatting mosquitoes. Times of India
This is the upshot of the Assam riot that involved the native Bodo people in the Assam region and the Muslim migrants from Bangladesh (We covered the riot here. Now the Bodo people in Northeast of India are returning to Assam on the rumors of retaliation against Bodo people by Muslims.

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