Monday, April 30, 2012

Another fucked up day in Eurozone

Spain is back to recession Telegraph.


Sunday, April 29, 2012

Broken Heroes - an exhibition

 SpongeBob SquarePants as a suicide bomber. More like this can be found here.

UK's fifth largest supermarket boycott exports from West Bank

The UK's fifth biggest food retailer and its largest mutual business, the Co-op took the step as an extension of its existing policy which had been not to source produce from illegal settlements that have been built on Palestinian territories in the West bank.

Now the retail and insurance giant has taken it one step further by "no longer engaging with any supplier of produce known to be sourcing from the Israeli settlements".

The decision will hit four companies and contracts worth some £350,000. But the Co-op stresses this is not an Israeli boycott and that its contracts will go to other companies inside Israel that can guarantee they don't export from illegal settlements.

This is the first time ever for a big company to boycott companies that export products produced in the illegal settlements. It is a welcoming development. You can read more about the idea of boycotting illegal settlement produce here.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

The safest place in China, US embassy

A blind Chinese rights activist who made a daring escape from extrajudicial detention was on Friday under the protection of the US embassy in Beijing, according to a friend, as concerns were growing about possible retribution against his family and supporters.

After more than six years of jail and house arrest, Chen Guangcheng was said to have fled under cover of darkness, evading eight checkpoints and close to 100 guards who have been watching his home in the Shandong province countryside.

A photograph released on Friday night shows him with a friend and fellow activist, Hu Jia, who said Chen was under US protection. "It is my understanding that Chen is in the safest place in China. That is the US embassy," said Hu Guardian

There are plenty of things to be critical of the Great Satan, but for activists who are fighting for freedom, it is still the primary beacon of hope.

This escape of a blind, read that again, blind rights activist, signify yet another drama in China on top of the Bo Xilai scandal with the Chinese Community Party. This rotten fish of a political system starts to smell even worse.

F-35 Fiasco

First, with regard to cost -- a particularly important factor in what politicians keep saying is an austere defense budget environment -- the F-35 is simply unaffordable. Although the plane was originally billed as a low-cost solution, major cost increases have plagued the program throughout the last decade. Last year, Pentagon leadership told Congress the acquisition price had increased another 16 percent, from $328.3 billion to $379.4 billion for the 2,457 aircraft to be bought. Not to worry, however -- they pledged to finally reverse the growth.

The result? This February, the price increased another 4 percent to $395.7 billion and then even further in April. Don't expect the cost overruns to end there: The test program is only 20 percent complete, the Government Accountability Office has reported, and the toughest tests are yet to come. Overall, the program's cost has grown 75 percent from its original 2001 estimate of $226.5 billion -- and that was for a larger buy of 2,866 aircraft. Foreign Policy

The price tag of this program keeps growing. It was supposed to be a "low cost solution". So far the whole program costs up to 1.5 trillion US dollars. They are trying to do too much with the plane. They want it to be able to be used by air force, navy and marine, that have different requirements (landing on top of aircraft carrier for navy). They cancelled the awesome F-22 fighter program because it was too expensive. Now F-35 costs more per plane than a F-22.

It is time to bring down the Malaysian Regime

Riot police fired tear gas and water cannon on Saturday at a crowd of up to 25,000 protesters who had converged on the center of the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur to demand changes to an electoral system. Demonstrators also battled with police at a train station nearby, throwing bottles at officers who responded by firing tear gas rounds. MSNBC

It looks like the faux democratic government of Malaysia is being rocked by its own people. About time.

Friday, April 27, 2012

F-22 Deployed in the Middle East

The U.S. Air Force is quietly assembling the world’s most powerful air-to-air fighting team at bases near Iran. Stealthy F-22 Raptors on their first front-line deployment have joined a potent mix of active-duty and Air National Guard F-15 Eagles, including some fitted with the latest advanced radars. The Raptor-Eagle team has been honing special tactics for clearing the air of Iranian fighters in the event of war. It’s been years since the Air Force has maintained a significant dogfighting presence in the Middle East. During the 2003 invasion of Iraq Boeing-made F-15Cs flew air patrols from Saudi Arabia, but the Iraqi air force put up no resistance and the Eagle squadrons soon departed. For the next nine years Air Force deployments to the Middle East were handled by ground-attack planes such as A-10s, F-16s and twin-seat F-15E Strike Eagles. Danger Room

Here's the kicker, the US does not have that many F-22, its most expensive and advance stealth fighter (187 in total). There's little point to deploy it to the Middle East (which doesn't really have any competitors to F-15/F-16 combos) unless it's designed to 'warn' Iran.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fucking Your Dead Wife is still illegal in Egypt

Egyptian husbands will soon be legally allowed to have sex with their dead wives - for up to six hours after their death.

The controversial new law is part of a raft of measures being introduced by the Islamist-dominated parliament. It will also see the minimum age of marriage lowered to 14 and the ridding of women's rights of getting education and employment. Daily Mail
This story is categorically false. The story originated by speculation by some douchebag Egyptian media personalities that got picked up on the Twitter that spread around without any truth in it. Ignore.

Amazing pictures of the Holy Land 100 years ago

Portraits of Greece in Crisis

Customers crowd a truck to buy cheap sacks of potatoes sold directly by farmers at cost price in the northern Greek town of Thessaloniki, on March 2, 2012. Farmers in northern Greece have joined forces with local residents to provide cheap produce to the people, who make orders by email, and also to help producers who say they are being squeezed by middlemen. Similar "solidarity" actions have started to be organized in other Greek cities. The Atlantic

Austerity schemirity.

Apollo 11 Technical Debriefing online

Get it here. NASA has released the source code to Apollo 11 guidance system and many documentations regarding to the program. These things are used to top secret stuff.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Britain is back to recession

Thanks to the stupid austerity oriented economic policy. Sucker. You can't grow an economy when a lot of people are losing their jobs and you are cutting down government spending. Who are buying in the economy if everyone is broke?

Google Drive

Upload and store your files, anywhere with Google Drive. You get 5GB for free then there's a paying option. Or use DropBox.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Levitation Pictures

It's beautiful. Get more here. No photoshop.

The only world leader held accountable for 2008 crisis

Nobody else were convicted of their massive failure to mitigate the disaster.

Integrity Schemgrity

NY Times uncovers that Wal-Mart shut down internal investigation after Wal-Mart Mexico found to bribe Mexico government officials.

Indonesian Political Sex Scandal

I am loving it
A sex tape allegedly involving two politicians from Indonesia's opposition Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle have been leaked online, reports said on Tuesday.

It is alleged that the two politicians, including a senior male politician and a younger woman colleague, are married — but not to each other.

The Web site that initially hosted the video, has been blocked, presumably by the government. The woman featured on the graphic video is reportedly strongly politically connected. The Jakarta Globe

60 minutes on plights of Palestinian Christians

This will resonate well with a lot of Americans. People do seems to forget that the West Bank includes Bethlehem and part of Jerusalem.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Earth, from ISS

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Helike, a lost city

Helike (English pronunciation: /ˈhɛlɨkiː/; Greek: Ἑλίκη, pronounced [heˈlikɛː], modern Greek pronunciation: [eˈlici]) was an ancient Greek city that disappeared at night in the winter of 373 BC. It was located in Achaea, northern Peloponnesos, two kilometres (12 stadia) from the Corinthian Gulf and near the city of Boura, like it a member of the Achaean League. The city was thought to be legend until 2011, when it was rediscovered in the Helike delta. Modern research attributes the catastrophe to an earthquake and accompanying tsunami which destroyed and submerged the city.Wikipedia

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Mass Rally in Prague

Wow. The last time they went out in this number was in 1989 Velvet Revolution

Tens of thousands of Czechs have staged one of the country's biggest protests since the fall of communism, marching in Prague against spending cuts, tax rises and corruption, and calling for the end of a centre-right government already close to collapse.

Police estimated between 80,000 and 90,000 workers, students and pensioners marched through the capital on Saturday to rally in Wenceslas Square. Chanting and whistling, the crowd held banners reading "Away with the government" and "Stop thieves".

The demonstration against Prime Minister Petr Necas's government is the third such trade union-led protest in 12 months against austerity measures, and the turnout underlined mounting public frustration after a series of corruption scandals.

Six Rules for Dining Out

It starts with "Beware the Beautiful, Laughing Women" The Atlantic

My rule: If the decor is too fancy, avoid.

Neil's Philosophies

The problem, often not discovered until late in life, is that when you look for things like love, meaning, motivation, it implies they are sitting behind a tree or under a rock. The most successful people recognize, that in life they create their own love, they manufacture their own meaning, they generate their own motivation. For me, I am driven by two main philosophies, know more today about the world than I knew yesterday. And along the way, lessen the suffering of others. You'd be surprised how far that gets you. Neil deGrasse Tyson

If you don't know him, google him up. Awesome dude.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Asteroid Mining Company

James Cameron of "king of the world" and "blue people having sex with their tails" is planning a mining company in space.

There's a new World Bank Chief

He's an American. 

Fully Pay Your Whores

Another useful lesson in life. Tens of US Secret Service agents are in trouble because one of them failed to pay his 'escorts'.

When will Pakistan follow suit?

India successfully launched a test missile capable of hitting China and Europe. This probably means that Pakistan is not that far behind. That means Pakistan will have missiles capable of hitting Europe. That means that Pakistan will have more leverage to demand more foreign money to 'sooth' their military complex to maintain stability of the country.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Egypt bans two leading Islamist and ex VP from running

The appeals of three main candidates were rejected Tuesday, seeing Khairat El-Shater – put forward by the Muslim Brotherhood as their candidate for May's presidential elections, ex-intelligence chief Omar Suleiman and Salafist preacher Hazem Abu-Ismail officialy disqualified from the presidency race. Ahram

Abu-Ismail (raging Salafi preaher) is disqualified because his mother held an American citizenship (this law was voted on in 2011 referendum).

Khairat El-Shater is the sole Muslim Brotherhood candidate. He is disqualified because he has a conviction record.

Omar Suleiman is disqualified because most of his candidacy support signatures have been forged.

Swanky Hotel Global Ranking

Ritz Carlton, Pudong, Shanghai takes the top list. Conde Nast Traveler

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Pictures from an Iranian-Kurdish village Guardian


Sorry for the lack of updates for the past 4 days. I was travelling to the Western Desert of Egypt where we got rained on in a heavy rainstorm. It was fuckin' surreal.

The downside of Cohabiting before marriage

It's hard to get out because you share tons of shit together already. But so is divorce.

I’ve had other clients who also wish they hadn’t sunk years of their 20s into relationships that would have lasted only months had they not been living together. Others want to feel committed to their partners, yet they are confused about whether they have consciously chosen their mates. Founding relationships on convenience or ambiguity can interfere with the process of claiming the people we love. A life built on top of “maybe you’ll do” simply may not feel as dedicated as a life built on top of the “we do” of commitment or marriage. NY Times

I am a big fan of cohabiting before marriage. There's no better way to get to know somebody than live with them. It removes all the facade and let you see the real thing.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Overpriced mini car


This car costs more than 8000 Euro. 

Chinese Accountability

Where the American system seems to err on the side of forgiving high-level individuals, China's seems to be much more ready to topple its own giants. But China's internal purges, though maybe cause for occasional American envy for the state's willingness to take down almost anyone if their abuses are grave enough, are very different from American self-policing in one important way. In China, enforcing the rule of law usually isn't primarily about the rule of law itself, even if it often happens to achieve that end -- it's about preserving the Chinese system, whatever it takes. (The Atlantic)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Startup hubs around the world

  1. Silicon Valley
  2. NYC
  3. London
  4. Toronto
  5. Tel Aviv
  6. Los Angeles
  7. Singapore
  8. Sao Paulo
  9. Bangalor
  10. Moscow
  11. Paris
  12. Santiago
  13. Seattle
  14. Madrid
  15. Chicago
  16. Vancouver
  17. Berlin
  18. Boston
  19. Austin
  20. Mumbai
  21. Sydney
  22. Melbourne
  23. Warsaw
  24. Washington D.C
  25. Montreal

The definitely miss Beijing. The only place in the Middle East is Israel. There is none in Africa.

Caine's Arcade

A must watch.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Yet another deadline gone

Today is supposed to the day of withdrawal for Syrian's Assad army from the population center. It's not happening.

I give it more than 50% for Turkey to intervene militarily within this 60 days if nothing changes. Their rhetoric has escalated as this turmoil continues and at some point, they will be forced to act on it.
Using the provisions of the Adana agreement, signed between Turkey and Syria on Oct. 20, 1998, Turkey has the ability to classify the violent crackdown on the opposition by the Bashar al-Assad government and the ensuing refugee crisis as a threat to the “security and stability of Turkey.” Today's Zaman

Monday, April 09, 2012

Dancing Dog on Britain's Got Talent

Egypt's first professional sumo wrestler

But Egypt’s Abdelrahman Ahmed Shaalan, the first professional sumo wrestler from both the African continent and Arab world, faces some mighty challenges as he embarks on a quest to become a yokozuna, or grand champion.

The man known by the ring name Osunaarashi, which translates as Great Sandstorm, prays five times a day as a devout Muslim, a tough routine given the intense daily training schedule required for sumo’s highly ritualized contests.

Sunday, April 08, 2012

The deadliest tourist town in the world

27 tourists died last year in Vang Vieng, Laos, all due to total stupidity.
Blowing off steam is one of the more grandma-friendly ways to describe Vang Vieng's backpacker appeal. The riverside FU BAR, where the Indian IT workers are hooting with laughter as they jump into the water fully clothed, is more direct: a giant sign explains that the name means Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition. It's also more accurate. At around £1 a litre, Lao-Lao is so cheap it's served in beach buckets. Bottled water, as everyone here loves to mention, is more expensive. Lao-Lao has an alcohol content of around 45%.

Drugs are plentiful, too. Nearly every restaurant offers "happy" pizzas and "magic" shakes or teas laden with marijuana, opium and mushrooms. Most places advertise such fare on sandwich boards right outside. And many travellers are high not only on booze or drugs – a euphoria pervades the riverside bars and clubs that has more to do with the complete absence of rules or responsibilities, a kids-in-a-candy-store incredulity that you can go wild here and nobody will stop you. It's a similar scene to Thailand's infamous full-moon parties, except for one crucial difference. The party in Vang Vieng doesn't occur only one night every six weeks. The party here never ends. Guardian
Laos is amazing. I love Luang Prabang and its surrounding area. Skip Viang Veng, which is turning into a Darwin pool.

Ring of Fire

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Earthquakes triggered by human activities

Earthquakes induced by human activity have been documented in a few locations in the United States, Japan, and Canada. The cause was injection of fluids into deep wells for waste disposal and secondary recovery of oil, and the use of reservoirs for water supplies. Most of these earthquakes were minor. The largest and most widely known resulted from fluid injection at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal near Denver, Colorado. In 1967, an earthquake of magnitude 5.5 followed a series of smaller earthquakes. Injection had been discontinued at the site in the previous year once the link between the fluid injection and the earlier series of earthquakes was established. (Nicholson, Craig and Wesson, R.L., 1990, Earthquake Hazard Associated with Deep Well Injection--A Report to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency: U.S. Geological Survey Bulletin 1951, 74 p.) USGS

Friday, April 06, 2012

PETMAN: Humanoid Robot

I bet we'll see this kind of robot going commercial this decade. The only hinder in the adoption of these type of robots are high capacity power source although it will be trivial to teach the robot to recharge their own batteries. 

Syria is going to burn Hezbollah's support in the Arab world

Though Hezbollah’s base in Lebanon remains strong, it runs an increasing risk of finding itself isolated, possibly caught up in a sectarian war between its patron, Iran, the region’s Shiite power, and Saudi Arabia, a protector of Sunni interests in the Middle East. Its longtime ally, Hamas, the Palestinian militant group, has distanced itself from the Assad government, moving its headquarters out of Damascus, and Sunni revolutionaries in Syria have explicitly denounced Hezbollah as an enemy. At home, its Lebanese rivals sense a rare opportunity to erode its power. NY Times

Assad's regime is the most hated regime in the Middle East public opinion right now. The daily shelling and killing of Syrian citizens are broadcast everyday on every news channel in the region. Hezbollah's loyalty to him will mark the organization as the enemy of the people of Syria.

Get your Plan B, C, and D for your nuclear reactors

My now completed investigation shows that the Fukushima accident could have been avoided if the plant had the capacity for electricity generation of any form along with the appropriate heat sink (a supply of water to cool down reactor rods). Despite the “unexpectedly high” tsunami that caused the accident, two reactors, Nos. 5 and 6, remained intact, though they were damaged to the same extent as the other four reactors by the earthquakes and tsunami. The difference was that they had an additional source of electricity beyond links to the outside grid through an air-cooled emergency diesel engine.

The most important lesson of Fukushima No.1 plant, therefore, is that we should have a multiplicity of means to provide a continuous electric supply and heat sinks. This is not the same as “You should not put all the eggs in one basket.” We should have eggs and apples in a few different baskets.

If a country or company wants to operate a nuclear reactor, it should not assume anything about potential disasters – be they earthquakes, tsunamis, terrorist attacks, or a plane crash. No matter what happens, the reactor must be brought to cold shutdown, which requires electricity and heat sinks. It is a pretty simple principle. CS Monitor

Cute European Villages

Castle Comb, UK
There are 49 more of these places here.

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Death to America

The mother of the candidate, Sheik Hazem Salah Abu Ismail, became an American citizen before she died, according to California public records and a Los Angeles voter registration Web site. That would disqualify Mr. Abu Ismail from running for president under current Egyptian law. And his exit would again scramble the race to become the first president since the ouster of Hosni Mubarak, setting the template for Egypt’s future leadership. NY Times
But gimme Green Card. His mom lived in California and also his extended families.

His position though is not unique. Although Egypt is currently in the fever of nationalism, a lot of Egyptians hold multiple citizenship and have deep ties to the Western world. Yes, even the rabid ultra conservative Salafi preacher.

A review of 'Why Nations Fail"

The book’s geographical and historical range is remarkable. It describes the varying economic and political impacts of the Black Death in Europe; the legacy of British colonialism in the U.S. and the shockingly different imprint it left on Africa; the contrast in the 1500s between, on the one hand, the Charruas and Querandi of what is now Argentina and, on the other, the Guarani of what is now Paraguay; political unrest in England in the 18th century; and political unrest in Egypt in 2011. One chapter is described as: “What Stalin, King Shyaam, the Neolithic Revolution, and the Maya city-states all had in common and how this explains why China’s current economic growth cannot last.” Bloomberg
I am looking forward to reading it.

Maybe it's time to travel to Burma

The future of space exploration is robotic


The past and future of America’s space arsenal intersected, briefly, in the summer of 2011. For two weeks in July, NASA’s Space Shuttle Atlantis roughly shared its Earth orbit with the Air Force’s X-37B, a 29-foot-long, highly maneuverable robotic spacecraft that entered service in early 2010 and has been cloaked in secrecy ever since. The X-37 was around 80 miles higher than the Shuttle, so it’s doubtful the four-person Atlantis crew, conducting the 135th and last Shuttle mission, ever saw the robotic craft. The X-37′s small size — barely a quarter the length of Atlantis — made a sighting even less likely.

Equally striking was the difference in cost between Atlantis and its tiny robotic compatriot. Atlantis cost more than $10 billion to design and build and around $500 million to launch on that one mission. The Boeing-built X-37 mini-shuttle set the taxpayers back an estimated $1 billion for development and construction and just $180 million to send into space. (All cost figures in this story are in today’s dollars.)

Still a vaporware

(Google Project Glass)

Google just open up its design concept project, a fancy and cool looking eye projector that connects to the Internet and beam information to your retina.

The problem is, it smells like bullshit.

There is no need for them to put up video on how "it could work", etc. Just show people the working product, not some dreamy "concept" video. That's so passe. When Microsoft released Kinect, it showed the working product. When Apple put out the iPhone and iPad, they showed working product. They do not show some bullshit concept video.


The damage of severe austerity

The local news media identified the man as Dimitris Christoulas, a retired pharmacist, and said he left a note saying he could not face the prospect “of scavenging through garbage bins for food and becoming a burden to my child.” The police did not immediately confirm the existence of a note, but identical passages were reproduced in nearly all the Greek news media.
Three paragraphs of handwritten red text called on young Greeks to take up arms. “I believe that young people with no future will one day take up arms and hang the traitors of this country at Syntagma square, just like the Italians did to Mussolini in 1945,” said one passage. (NY Times)
Maybe an apocalyptic future isn't that far fetched.

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

About Ponzi

Many of these computer-savvy crooks have taken their cue from an Italian immigrant named Charles Ponzi, a dapper, five-foot-two-inch rogue who in 1920 raked in an estimated $15 million in eight months by persuading tens of thousands of Bostonians that he had unlocked the secret to easy wealth. Read more

Dim Light on Solar Power Companies in Germany

The Chinese are killing them
In 2011, Q-Cells posted a loss of €846 million. As of last Tuesday, the firm had a marginal value of only €35 million and Q-Cells' share price had plunged to just 9 cents. In Bitterfeld-Wolfen, concerns are growing about massive job losses among the 2,200 Q-Cells workers in the city.
But Q-Cells' insolvency also comes as a great shock to the Germany's solar industry. It is already the fourth major bankruptcy in a sector in crisis, and it underscores the degree to which German solar firms are being outpaced by competition from Asia -- despite billions in German government subsidies granted each year to the industry. And despite solar energy gradually becoming more competitive, the setbacks are rapidly mounting.

The US solar firm Solyndra also went down due to the Chinese competition.

Monday, April 02, 2012

Bend Over America

​Bad news if you don't like getting dehumanized: The U.S. Supreme Court just ruled 5-4 to OK strip searches for any offense. 
What this means: if you get booked for an offense as minor as an unpaid parking ticket, you might have to bare all for corrections officers before being admitted to jail. Village Voice

The Lady is popular

Her party won 43 out of the 44 contested Myanmar parliamentary seats yesterday. On the other hand Burma has 664 seats in their parliament so this 43 seat is rather miniscule.

This is a good albeit small step to political freedom in Burma.

Paying the Free Syrian Army salary is a terrible idea

The Friends of Syria conference in Istanbul yesterday resulted in several empty talking points except one, the Gulf Arabs States agree to hand 100 million dollars to the Syrian National Council to pay the salary of the Free Syrian Army fighters.

The idea of paying salary for the Free Syrian Army is nice in theory since those fighters need it. However the logistical challenge to distribute these money around are simply impenetrable. 

100 million dollars and salaries for an insurgent movement do not mix especially since it is handled by a body that is located outside the country. I suspect that most of those money will be wasted through multiple chains of corrupt hands before it reaches the people that need it.

The FSA doesn't need money to motivate people to join in. They need weapons, food and medical supplies so they have a fucking chance to defeat the Assad regime.

On the other hand, it is possible that this 100 million dollars "for salaries" figure is simply a sneaky way of simply giving the SNC tons of money to buy weapons.

30 years ago in the Malvinas

Argentine military personnel of the 601 Company take their position in the Strait of San Carlos during the Falklands War, in this May 1982 photo
The Atlantic

Why human is the best long distance runner in the animal kingdom

While more than a million humans run marathons voluntarily each year, most animals we consider excellent runners — antelopes and cheetahs, for example — are built for speed, not endurance.
Even nature’s best animal distance runners — such as horses and dogs — will run similar distances only if forced to do so, and the startling evidence is that humans are better at it, Lieberman said. Modern humans and their immediate ancestors such as Homo erectus sport several adaptations that make humans, instead of some ferocious, furry, or fleet creature, the animal world’s best distance runners.
“Humans are terrible athletes in terms of power and speed, but we’re phenomenal at slow and steady. We’re the tortoises of the animal kingdom,” Lieberman said. physorg

Sunday, April 01, 2012

The Nuclear Plant that survived the Tsunami

It boiled down to one man
The breakwater that proved so inadequate to the task of protecting the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant from the ocean was 10 meters high. The one defending the Onagawa nuclear plant is 14.8 meters tall, and it turns out Hirai had to fight a one-man war to get it built. The reason he was so determined was his careful study of the past, which revealed that in the year 869 a massive tsunami had hit the spot where the Onagawa plant now stands. (mainichi)
This plant was lucky because it was prepared - which is the key point. Had the Tsunami wave been a 16 meters wave, this plant would have gone under as well.