Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A milestone in Indonesia's history

Yesterday was a very meaningful day for my generation, a student generation that overthrew a rotten regime back in '98 and set to reform the republic. That revolution cost us tremendous amount of blood and treasure and pushed the republic to the brink of collapse.

Now my country has elected a leader that has risen from local government. He arrives from outside the nepotism-poisoned political elite and military structure. This is the fruit out of that fearless '98 reformation.

There are many intractable challenges remain for Indonesia, but for today, we can take pride on our achievements, thank our fallen for their sacrifices and told them we are keeping the dream alive.


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Death throes of a political ambition

Indonesia is about to announce the result of July 9 Presidential election. On that day, 7 quick count organizations declared Jokowi as the winner of the election and 4 others declared his opponent, Prabowo, as the winner.

Subsequent days have shown that the 4 organizations produced non credible quick count results. This conclusion is further proven by the results of the final count by the Indonesian Election Commission that points clearly to a Jokowi wins within 1% of the result predicted by the credible quick count results on the first day.

Today is is the day of the formal announcement and we all know the result already because the count is done openly as the days progress and posted on an official website.

The problem is that that Prabowo and his team has refused to acknowledged the result of the election and has walked out of the final day of the counting in the election commission.


Prabowo has run three times for President of Indonesia and right now this looks like his last attempt (he is 67 years old). After this lost to the prodigal Jokowi, his ambition to be the President of Indonesia ends here.

He was involved in the kidnapping of Indonesian activists in our 98 revolution and has never brought into justice (he was fired from the military). I am glad he will never again come near to highest position in the land.

Good riddance.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Spanish Horses

"A reveler tries to hold on to a wild horse during the "Rapa Das Bestas" traditional event in the Spanish northwestern village of Sabucedo July 5, 2014" Boston Big Picture

In a region full wars, Gaza is left behind

“It’s remarkable,” said Diana Buttu, a Palestinian lawyer and analyst. “In all the other invasions and assaults on Gaza, there was at least some government that would come out and talk about how what Israel was doing was illegal and show some support. This time around, there’s been nothing. The silence is deafening.”

Abu Tarek Sadek, a Palestinian who lives in the Shatila refugee camp in Beirut, said it appeared as if the Palestinians were moving “backwards.”

“Before the uprisings, leaders of the old regime used to at least talk about the Palestinian cause, although they were lying,” he said. “Today we are completely absent. We used to be the No. 1 issue. Now, we’re No. 24.” NY Times

Here's the thing, the region has changed, but not for the better.
  • Syrian civil war is still on going and right now has surpassed 160,000 killed and millions displaced.
  • Libya is undergoing violent power struggle
  • Iraq is being torn apart into three new territories 
  • Egypt is systematically dismantling Muslim Brotherhood infrastructure (and Hamas, the ruler of Gaza, is an offshoot Muslim Brotherhood)
The Palestinian-Israel looked 'civilized' in comparison compared to above problems in the Middle East.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

And Germany Celebrates


For the record I supported Argentina for the final match. Germany though is the undisputed best team of the tournament. 

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Gaza in one paragraph

8:33 A.M. Israel has struck some 1,320 targets in Gaza since launching Operation Protective Edge last Tuesday. More than 800 rockets and mortar shells were fired toward Israel in that time. (Gili Cohen) Haaretz
This is going to get worse before it gets better.

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Brazil's Fiasco

War comes to Middle East, again

Israel bombed Gaza

Hamas launched at least 100 rockets towards Southern Israel.

People die in the mean time.

Jokowi wins the Indonesian election

Based on quick counts by various polling organizations in Indonesia, Jokowi - KL pair won the election by 5 - 8 % margin. His opponent, Prabowo, has refused to concede.

The official result will be announced on July 22.

Sunday, July 06, 2014

The beating of an American teenager in Jerusalem

The video is here
A Palestinian television channel has broadcast footage purporting to show Israeli border guards beating the teenage cousin of Mohamed Abu Khdeir, who was abducted and killed earlier in the week. The footage is said to show Tariq Abu Khdeir, 15, being beaten after he was detained during clashes in Jerusalem on Thursday. Israeli police say the incident occurred during the arrest of several demonstrators, some carrying knives. The boy's family deny he was involved in the clashes. (Guardian)
The kid is from Florida. You could see the soldiers kicked him several times after the kid was subdued. 

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Photographs on World Refugee Days June 20 2014

Afghan migrant Rahman Jan Safi, 24, (L) greets asylum-seeker receiving a haircut at their shelter at the harbour in Calais, northern France May 4. Safi fled his home country Afghanistan in 2007 and started his long journey through Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Greece, and Italy before finally arriving in France and making his way to Calais. Safi gained a French residency permit and now works for an association known as the "Auberge des Migrants". The organization helps feed and clothe migrants who are in Calais and who, for the most part, hope to make it across the Channel to England. (Christian Hartmann/Reuters)  (Boston Big Picture)

Another war brewing in the Middle East

Israel is retaliating (read "collective punishment") against Hamas over the death of 3 missing teenagers

An attack over Gaza strip this morning.

Haaretz has a live blog.


Reinventing the oven

The problems with ovens start as soon as you turn them on. Preheating always seems to take an unreasonably long time because ovens waste most of the hot air they generate. The actual amount of energy required to reach baking temperature is quite small: Just 42 kilojoules will heat 0.14 cubic meters of air to 250 °C. The heating element in a typical domestic electric oven supplies this much energy in a mere 21 seconds.

It’s the oven walls you want to preheat, however, not the air. Unfortunately, the heat, which originates in the heating coils of an electric oven or the burner of a gas oven, must pass through the air to get to the walls, and air is an awful conductor of heat, only slightly better than Styrofoam. Even worse, air expands when heated, so much of it flows out of the vent, heating the kitchen rather than the oven. And if you try to save that heat by closing the vent and adding a latch to the door, the oven might explode.

The time it takes an oven to heat up, however, is the least of the problems. Oven walls radiate heat unevenly because they vary in thickness and in their proximity to the heating elements. So the temperature can fluctuate by tens of degrees from one spot to another. And many oven doors contain a window, which radiates a lot less heat into the oven cavity than the walls do. IEEE

Israel's drug generation

Flipping Out - Israel's Drug Generation by locuseye

What the young Israelis do after they finish their mandatory military service.