Thursday, September 25, 2014

Monday, September 15, 2014

11,000 miles journey to Alaska

A dude got divorce and lost a job. So he decided to take an epic motorbike trip from San Francisco to Alaska instead.

Check out more beautiful pictures from his journey.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

A watch guy's review of Apple watch

This is by far the best review of Apple watch so far

This a question I've been asked countless times in the media of the past few months ( / days / hours). Will anyone be trading in their Lange Double-Split for an Apple Watch? Certainly not. But, will the average Lange owner buy an Apple Watch, wear it on the weekends, and then, after a great workout with it, decide to leave it on next for a vacation to the beach, and then maybe on casual Friday to the office? It's possible. Apple products have a way of making someone not want to live without them, and while I wasn't able to fully immerse myself in the OS yesterday, what I saw was impressive. So while certainly not direct competition for haute horology watchmaking right now, the Apple Watch is absolutely competition for the real estate of the wrist, and years down the road, it could spell trouble for traditional watches even at a high level. When you realize you just don't need something anymore, there is little desire to buy another. (Hondikee)
My point against Apple Watch is that I have to recharge it every goddamn day. Try to wear it during camping or hiking in nature. 

The day

Monday, September 01, 2014

On IS atrocities

IS is a terrible bunch of people. It's clear. But it is in their agenda to broadcast all the horrible things they are doing for their purpose, which is to infect fear and gain obedience over the area/population under their control and also to invite overreaction from the West.

They are being dealt and in due time they will be defeated but this thing is not going to be over soon. This might not be satisfactory in so many aspects and terrible for the victims, but sometimes things just take time.

We just need to be patient and methodical in dismantling their infrastructure and capabilities and personnel. I bet there are many negotiations with the tribes in Mosul and other places to switch sides against ISIS. We also have to wait until the political situation in Baghdad gets better. You need troops on the ground to exterminate ISIS and those troops need to be somewhat acceptable to the local population as well.

BitCoin is perfect for extortion

There are news/rumor going on that the hackers to the private photos of celebrities either demanded BitCoin as ransom demand or encouraging people to donate their BitCoin to encourage further release for more pictures.

It makes perfect sense.

The strong privacy protection of BitCoin is a perfect medium to transfer values in extortion/kidnapping scenario.

The weakest point for this extortionist to be discovered always at the transfer of money/ransom, whether it is normal bank transfer or cash-in-a-bag scenario. BitCoin alleviates that problem.

As many useful things, BitCoin features are a double edge sword.

The German

10,000 hand grenades, 16,000 rifles, 240 rocket-propelled grenades: Germany sends military equipment for 4000 Kurdish fighters in northern Iraq. This was decided by the Federal Government on Sunday evening. Spiegel
The German rarely deliver lethal weapons in conflicts. This highlight the level of concern at the highest level of European countries regarding the threat of ISIS.

And the Internet breaks

Actor Jennifer Lawrence, star of the Hunger Games franchise, is one of more than 100 celebrities who have learned overnight that even their own phones have been recruited to the surveillance against them. Over the past few hours, news outlets have run a story alleging a hacker has used a security leak within the cloud data storage system to access the private mobile phone data of numerous celebrities. The data the user is sharing on sites like 4Chan are intimate photographs of celebrities taken by or for their lovers. Lawrence’s representatives have confirmed that the photographs are real, as have Ariana Grande’s. Actor Mary Elizabeth Winstead took personally to Twitter admonish her violators: “To those of you looking at photos I took with my husband years ago in the privacy of our home, hope you feel great about yourselves.” Guardian
Online communities such as reddit or 4chan were buzzed yesterday night by the release of tons of private naked pictures of celebrities.

We have seen this before.

Your smart phone is a spy device in your pocket. Anything that you transmit online is subjected to attack. To prevent your naked and intimate pictures to be posted on the Internet, the only way to do it is not to take them in the first place.

This is though is hard to practice in daily life. Smartphone really blends into daily life and people wouldn't think for a second the consequences of their photo taking/video recordings.

This might sounds like victim blaming. I am not. There are tons of assholes out on the Internet and right now there are no reliable and convenient way to protect your privacy.

Communication technologies are so complex which opens up a large surface of attack for a hacker to exploit and access data.

This stealing of private photographs of celebrities are off course criminal acts. But here's a thought, the people in the NSA that spy on global communication have access to the same stuff as well. Those NSA personnel can see your images, videos, text, etc. The NSA is sanctioned by law and legal.

Anyway this event will happen again and again.