Sunday, October 12, 2014

40,000 year old cave painting in Asia

Archaeologists have long been puzzled by the appearance in Europe ~40–35 thousand years (kyr) ago of a rich corpus of sophisticated artworks, including parietal art (that is, paintings, drawings and engravings on immobile rock surfaces)1, 2 and portable art (for example, carved figurines)3, 4, and the absence or scarcity of equivalent, well-dated evidence elsewhere, especially along early human migration routes in South Asia and the Far East, including Wallacea and Australia5, 6, 7, 8, where modern humans (Homo sapiens) were established by 50 kyr ago9, 10. Here, using uranium-series dating of coralloid speleothems directly associated with 12 human hand stencils and two figurative animal depictions from seven cave sites in the Maros karsts of Sulawesi, we show that rock art traditions on this Indonesian island are at least compatible in age with the oldest European art11. The earliest dated image from Maros, with a minimum age of 39.9 kyr, is now the oldest known hand stencil in the world. In addition, a painting of a babirusa (‘pig-deer’) made at least 35.4 kyr ago is among the earliest dated figurative depictions worldwide, if not the earliest one. Among the implications, it can now be demonstrated that humans were producing rock art by ~40 kyr ago at opposite ends of the Pleistocene Eurasian world. Nature

Usually they find representative arts from 35,000 years ago in Europe. This is one of rare instance that found super old arts in Asia.

This suggests that our ancestors are painting cave arts simultaneously in Asia and Europe.

Nature has a very useful video describing the meaning of the new information regarding the age of the cave painting. The cave itself was discovered in 1950s.

2nd Leaker

The investigative journalist Glenn Greenwald has found a second leaker inside the US intelligence agencies, according to a new documentary about Edward Snowden that premiered in New York on Friday night. Guardian
This is probably the most encouraging news of the week. We need more leakers to restrain the out of control US intelligence gathering effort on the Internet.

Sunday, October 05, 2014

A contemplation on Alan Watts

It tries to have you understand, without arguing the point, that there is no purpose in getting anywhere if, when you get there, all you do is think about getting to some other future moment. Life exists in the present or nowhere at all, and if you cannot grasp that, you are simply living a fantasy.
Tim Lott

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Migrant Deaths Jan - Sept 2014


Their research estimated 40,000 migrants have died since 2000. 

Mysterious Kim

Kim had fractured both of his ankles and had surgery in Pyongyang in the middle of September to treat them, the Chosun Ilbo, South Korea’s largest newspaper, reported on Tuesday, citing an unnamed source.

It's a bit early for ski season, no? I mean it is pretty hard to fracture both of your ankles. 

Photos from Hong Kong protests

Beijing will only allow direct elections of Hong Kong's leaders in 2017 from a pool of 'approved candidates'. This is off course bullshit and people of Hong Kong think so too.