David Boyd

David Boyd

I love travelling, experiencing other cultures, eating copious amounts of food and checking out the nearest surf spot.

Best Kids Hiking Backpack in 2022

You’re ready to take a hike adventure with your children but what happens to the luggage? They’ll need a backpack, isn’t it? They need one that’s not sufficient enough to carry it since it is after all they’re kids. If you need…

Best Budget & Value Sleeping Bags of 2022

Hiking, camping, and trekking are amongst the best outdoor activities you could spend time doing. Once you’re prepared for camping or trekking, you’ll want to start investing in all the correct gear for your next journey. Of all the items, the…

Sleeping In A Car vs Tent

A few people sleep in their car, while others prefer tents to relax after a long road trip or while camping. But what’s an important distinction between camping in the car or the tent? As an experienced camper, I’ll share my experience with you.…

What Is A Tiny House?

The tiny house movement is growing rapidly across the US and in the Netherlands specifically, a lot of people are still unaware of tiny houses or the movement that they’ve influenced. What is a tiny home? Real estate codes define tiny houses…

How To Keep Food Cold While Camping

When you are camping during the winter, if that's your thing, it's a lot easier keeping your food cold, but it proves a lot more difficult during the summer. I've pieced together some quality ways to keep your food cool and ready to eat.

How To Heat Inside A Tent – Ideas & Tips

It is vital to stay warm when making the most of your winter camping experience. There are a variety of ways to accomplish this. I'd like to showcase several different ways to keep your tent warm and make any winter camping trip fun in this guide.