Best Kids Hiking Backpack in 2022

Last updated and verified on February 24th, 2023

You’re ready to take a hike adventure with your children but what happens to the luggage? They’ll need a backpack, isn’t it? They need one that’s not sufficient enough to carry it since it is after all they’re kids.

If you need to select the perfect backpack for your child it’s an overwhelming job and requires the right amount of time and attention. There are many options available in the market that offer a range of options.

If you’re planning to backpack with your loved ones it is important to determine what the best backpack is for your children. That’s why we’ve created this article where you’ll get the top 10 top backpacks which you can pick and click to add it to your shopping cart right away.

Top 10 Best Kids Hiking Backpacks of 2022

These are the top products that I researched for you and includes one of my favorites that my son loves when we hit the trails. The kids backpacks listed below are the ones with impressive features, so you can pick the best product for your kids.

Deuter Unisex Kid’s Daypack, Azure Lapis

The bag for children comes in five bright colors. The material used in the making of them is made of 100 percent polyester. The bag is made specifically for 2and up. The bag is so vibrantly colored that it can help you identify your child quickly when they are playing. The patterns are animal-themed, which makes it more attractive. the bag. Shoulder straps shaped like an S and cushioned. They feature soft edges and are easily adjustable. They also come with an adjustable chest strap that lets your child carry the burden with added support. The bag has mesh compartments to the sides that let your kids keep their food items or other treasures in a safe manner. The main compartment is easy to access and features a an angled zipper. It is suitable for children as the buckles are designed with such a way. The buckle also has an identification label inside. It’s lightweight and comes with an impervious coating. Its volume is 5L.


  1. The bag’s design is reflective, and appropriate for young children.
  2. The strap around the sternum of the bag can be adjusted.
  3. Clean and durable material.
  4. These pockets made of mesh are designed for toddlers and have zipper pulls.


  1. The dimensions are a little smaller.
  2. The pockets aren’t big enough to hold the water bottle.

CamelBak Kid’s Scout Hydration Pack, 50oz

If we look at this bag, we can see it in two vibrant colors – purple and blue. This is a good item for children aged between 4-7 years old. age. The capacity that the backpack holds will be 12.5 litres. It weighs just 11 oz , meaning that it’s not an overwhelming one to carry around. The capacity to carry this backpack is excellent. When it is packed with things and it is added an extra water bottle the total weight is just 5 pounds. It will not let the bag fall around as it has an adjustable strap. It’s beautiful that your child will love carrying his personal belongings. Its mesh-backed back keeps the bag cool and also light. It also fits on your child’s back with ease. The accent can reflect to make the bag easily visible in dim light surroundings. The exterior pockets are translucent which lets you customize your bag.


  1. It can hold a greater variety of items more efficiently than a normal bag.
  2. There are a myriad of pockets, both externally and internally. There is there is even an inside zippered pocket.
  3. The hose isn’t allowed to hang over the knees of children while the length of the hose is suitable.
  4. The accents are reflective , so that you can see your bag even in darkness.


  1. There isn’t any elastic or Velcro to hold the loose strap in place.
  2. The bag’s straps are large and sewn close to one another,
  3. It’s a bit expensive.

Deuter The Junior Kid’s Backpack for Hiking and School

The bag is adjustable shape in the shape of an S. The straps are constructed in such that they ease the neck tension. The bag is suitable for children older than 5 years old. The bag is safe and comfortable. It is able to provide effective air circulation. The air mesh’s wide liner reduces the surface of contact. It also assists in optimizing circulation. Although it is important to keep the weight near to the body, it aids in increasing the amount of airflow. Mesh pockets are located along the sides. There are two front pockets and a rear pocket in which different things are stored. The bag is constructed using 600D PES that creates a sturdy as well as light. It has a reflective element that enhances your bag’s visibility. The buckles are suitable for children and very easy to use. The size in the bag measures 18 liters. Weight of bag: 14.8 OZ.


  1. The back fit is great and very is comfortable for shoulders for your child.
  2. The pocket is zippered on the front of the bag that lets your child to store smaller things.
  3. There are two pockets for water bottles on the side of the bag.
  4. You can easily loosen and adjust it according to the child’s comfort.


  1. It’s a compact bag that is ideal for an eight-year-old child.
  2. The chest strap doesn’t include an elastic.
  3. A poor product at the cost it is.

Hydrajet 12 Kids Hydration Bag Cosmic Red

The bag is made up of 12 litres, and the weight is 0.84 pounds. It is an ideal item for children in the age 4-12. The main compartment in the bag is similar to an open-mouthed bucket. This is the Hydraulics LT 1.5L reservoir part of this. There isn’t a quick connection available. The pockets on the sides are two stretch, and the bag is equipped with an enormous front pocket. It also has an outside zippered pocket that lets your child to store small belongings. There are lower web-loop daisy chains with attachment points. The bag contains items made of materials that have been GRS approved and recycled. The design that the bag has is that it has the capacity to hold many things in it. The size to the body of your bag will be very close to your body, which allows your child to ride or hike comfortably.


  1. It is ideal for vigorous sports due to its sleek shape.
  2. The pockets are meshed with power, especially in the center.
  3. Additionally, there is an hydration reservoir that is included inside the bag, which is simple to fill and does not leak at all.
  4. The straps are lined with fleece and offer comfort.


  1. The customer service isn’t excellent.
  2. There is no stability between the waistband or hip pocket.
  3. There is no rain cover included with the bag.

Gregory Mountain Products Nano 16 Everyday Outdoor Backpack for the Everyday

The bag is suitable for children over 10 years old. This bag weighs 12.8 pounds and the size that the bag holds is 16. liters. It’s a fantastic option if you’re searching for a gift for your child who is getting older. There is a reservoir for hydration within the bag and it comes with a comfortable back panel. This makes it an excellent choice to hike if you’re intending to hike during the daytime or on the adventures you take on every day. The quality of the item is top-notch. There are many appealing options within this product. The colors will make teens and preteens adore the bag. The idea of versatility was a priority when designing the bag. It is easily expandable when your child increases in size.


  1. The bag has an inside reservoir for hydration that is included with the hydration port inside the bag.
  2. The top of the bag has a zipper.
  3. The back inside the bag ventilated and cut with die-cut.
  4. It also has an adjustable strap for the sternum included in the bag.


  1. The side pockets made of mesh aren’t the most durable.
  2. There isn’t any support on the strap in between.
  3. The strap rubs against the shoulder.

Osprey Jet 18 Kid’s Hiking Backpack

This bag is ideal for children from the age between 6 and 12. The weight is only 1.14 pounds and the volume that the bag holds is 18, liters. It is a simple design however it has one of the most impressive qualities of the bags available. The capacity for carrying of the bag is the perfect amount. The bag’s opening is similar to a bucket shape. There is an additional bag sleeve that is a reservoir for water. It also lets air flow along both sides. The airspace back panel inside the bag is distinctive. It’s a highly functional product. It is extremely comfortable to carry around.


  1. It weighs very little.
  2. It has a reservoir sleeves in the bag.
  3. The back panel of the jacket is breathable.
  4. The bag is equipped with the chest clip and waist belt.


  1. The lid with padded padding is sewn to one side but is it is not adjustable.
  2. The sleeping bag of a kid can’t fit inside it.
  3. The straps are located near the neck.

Cotopaxi Batac Pack

This backpack is also suitable for youngsters who are above the age of 10 years old. The weight is 12 ounces and the capacity of 16 liters. It’s an excellent option if you are looking to carry this bag on an adventure on the go for older children. This bag pack is an environmentally friendly product, and the material used in its creation is made from leftover materials. It also assists in reducing garbage. There are numerous color combinations that are available. Each backpack is not identical. The backpacks are extremely lightweight in weight. If you’re travelling or hiking, it’s the ideal bag to put into larger bag. If you are looking for a bag that is easily utilized for adventure, hiking and other similar things it is the ideal option available to you on the market.


  1. The bag is equipped with an adjustable, sternum strap.
  2. They are extremely light, and are comprised from mesh.
  3. The style that the bags is made of ultralight.
  4. For daily adventures, it is a fantastic product.


  1. The product is not long-lasting.
  2. The sternum straps are tight.
  3. The design is designed so that when you carry the bag placed on your back the water bottle is unable to be taken off.

KUYOU Hydration Water Backpack

This backpack comes with a substantial layer of insulation. The bladder is insulated compartment inside the bag that allows you to keep your drink chilled or hot for up to four hours. The bag also comes with an integrated clip that lets you to secure the bladder to the desired position. It weighs 16oz. It includes a 2 liter storage pouch for your water bottle. The bag features an water surface with the anti-splash feature. It is a bag specially created for those who wish to stand out at the next event. High-quality TPU material is used to construct this water bottle. The bag has a wide opening. The design is ergonomic, allowing it to sit comfortably on your child’s shoulders, the waist and chest. The three straps help reduce the bag’s bounce. The mesh backs of the bag allow the flow of air to be swift and make sure your back is cool. Straps for your shoulder are cushioned and cushioned. It is secure for children. It’s the perfect bag to take on cycling, hiking or kayaking.


  1. The waist strap is long enough to allow for expansion.
  2. It comes with very attractive colors.
  3. The water bag comes with a buckle that ensures it is secure when you go camping.


  1. It can be difficult to drink for adults in the water bladder.
  2. You’d have to endure the hassle to drink it.
  3. The water pipe is long.

Venture Pal Ultralight Lightweight Packable Foldable

The bag is made of top quality and is water-resistant as well as tear-proof. It is longer and offers long-lasting performance. It’s light weight with a double layer bottom designed so that it lets your child to carry the additional load on his back, without facing any hassle. The zippers are double-sided and are heavy-duty.

Bar-tacks are present at the stress points in the backpack. The shoulder straps are padded with sponge padding which creates a comfortable environment and can be easily adjusted. The whistle buckle on the bag can be used to keep it secure. There is a main compartment, and then there’s an opening in the front and two pockets on the sides.

The main compartment is 35 litres. There are two separate compartments inside the main compartment to ensure that all the items is well-organized. The pockets are easy to access and the pockets on the sides are large enough to store water and an umbrellas as well. The bag can be used as a space-saving device.

The dimensions of the bag are so small that it can be folded, and it can be placed anywhere. If you require it, it is easy to take it out and transform into a backpack in a matter of minutes. It’s an essential item if you’re going to a place. It is loaded with features and lots of room so that your kid is able to carry everything that are essential to him in one bag.


  1. The bag can be easily carried over your back without having to feel any additional weight.
  2. Mesh pockets can be found on the two sides that allow you to keep things in place.
  3. The fact that the bag is able to be easily folded into the pocket of its own is extremely useful.


  1. The inside bag isn’t robust enough.
  2. There isn’t any way to determine the weight of the items you carry around in your bag.
  3. The zipper’s quality isn’t great.

Small-Size Waterproof Sports Backpack

The fabric of the bag is composed of nylon and polyester. It’s an import item and comes with a nylon lining. The strength of the material is top-quality nylon. It is coated with a waterproof layer and is resistant to erosion and tear. It is tough and waterproof, as well as light. Bag capacity: 10 Liters.

It is a good product that has a maximum length at 10 inches. It is deemed suitable for children who are under age of five. It could be beneficial for children who is less than 4 feet. It is an ideal option for cycling, hiking or camping, among other activities.


  1. The bag is a compact bag that will hold everything from small to big.
  2. The colors of the product are cool.
  3. The material used in this bag comes from premium quality.
  4. The portion of the bag that is closest to the back is ventilated and padded.


  1. The shoulder straps aren’t quite long enough.
  2. It’s not waterproof.
  3. The flap over the zipper is so that it is hard for children to unzip and zip the bag.

Frequently Asked Questions

What unique feature should the bag possess when it’s for a child?

Yes you must purchase special items for your children when you take them on a hike. If your child is just beginning to get comfortable in the field, you must purchase things smaller in size. When they become accustomed and more proficient in their hiking skills, they will have a sense of ownership when they buy the latest gear for their hiking excursions.

It also gives them an interest and lead to a great deal of excitement. There are plenty of products available that are designed specifically for kids to take on excursions. If you invest in expensive items, make certain that they will useful in the coming years.

What is the maximum weight kids should carry?

When your child is just beginning to get comfortable to hiking, don’t allow them to carry a large quantity of items. It is important to allow the smallest children to carry their own bags and other supplies to help them learn to hike and take part in the sport.

The most difficult thing they’ll have to do is the weight that will exhaust them due to the weight of all that heavy stuff. The addition of more items and weight as they get older and gain more skills might be beneficial for their development. Don’t put a weight on your child until they aren’t willing to.

Final Thoughts

This is the end of this piece and we are hoping that you’ve picked the most effective product from the many backpacks available for your children. There are several aspects to consider when buying a backpack for your child since he/she could be the one just beginning to learn how to climb. Therefore, you need to be aware of important things such as bags’ weight, materials pockets, etc. which are important to consider. Therefore, you should choose the item that is able to meet every aspect. Your children are precious and must be treated as such. We wish you luck and pick the backpack that is best fit for your child and looks great on your children’s back.

Written by Tobin Bryans, verified, and edited by David Myer.

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