How To Shower When Car Camping or Backpacking Off The Beaten Track

Last updated and verified on February 24th, 2023

There are countless ways to shower when car camping or backpacking with no public showers nearby; solar, foot pump, and battery-powered showers are the most popular.

I presume you are sitting in a remote area thinking about how I will shower. It sounded a lot like me when I was off the beaten track with friends in the summer of 2014 – that was fun!

Whether you are car camping or going on a long backpacking journey and have no access to public showers at a campsite or service station, I have written a guide on improvising and getting yourself a shower.

How To Shower With No Public Showers

Simply because someone has gone camping doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be forced to let that sour body odor get to them. It is essential to shower while camping.

Don’t be concerned if you’re thinking about how to shower while traveling. We’ve compiled an inventory of the various tools that you can use to shower outdoors and how you can use these. They include pop-up private shower tents, battery-powered showers, road showers, bucket showers with foot pumps, or bottle showers.

Although it may be difficult for campers, particularly those camping in the car, to shower, here are some simple methods.

7 Best Ways To Shower When Camping

I have featured seven ways I have found the easiest to have a shower when car camping or backpacking. When there are no public showers nearby, these suggestions will be good enough for a quick fresh up.

1. The Pop Up Privacy Shower Tent

This is among the essential requirements for showering while camping. You can’t shower in their car. Therefore, you require something that is tall, clear, and mobile.

This is where pop-up privacy can be a great option. It’s built like a tent but is designed to be used for sitting or standing instead of sleeping.

They typically can stand independently, with a mesh top to let out steam or water, pockets for soap, and straps to hang clothes. You need to put the showering equipment such as a solar shower or simply a bucket to complete your task.

It can be used to change clothes or even for toilet use (with other essential utilities, such as composting and portable toilets). One of the most effective pop-up shower tents we have used before and suggestions would be that of the WolfWise 32-inch Pop Up Tent.

2. Solar Showers

The solar shower can be described as an insulation bag used for warming and holding water. It comes with a hose to assist in emptying the water and showerheads.

It’s the most convenient method, especially for those who do not like bathing in cold water. I like solar showers since they are simple to fill, easy to transport anywhere, and simple to use.

There are a variety of solar showers in terms of their features and elements; therefore, one must think about this before deciding on one.

Solar showers can hold around 5 Liters or more. They are filled with water and then put under the sun with the clear portion facing upwards for 3-4 hours to generate the heat.

I would suggest that one put it on areas that absorb heat faster, r, e.g., dark rock, or you can put them on the car’s dashboard and then take a drive as the water heats up.

Absolutely. Once it has reached a certain temperature, hang it up on an upright in a shower tent with a pop-up design, then hold it with your hands, or perhaps on a tree branch that can take to the solar bath by the strap, or take a shower.

It is also essential to put the clean side to the side facing you to assess the amount of water available for showering.

I particularly enjoyed my Advanced Elements Solar Shower after using it on several of my camping trips in the car.

3. Battery Powered Shower

These devices are ideal when camping off-grid in winter. It is a rechargeable device that is commonly used by campers.

It’s very effective and light to carry around. Its battery is typically 2200mAh and comes with a USB that is easily charged using an adapter for cars that are 12vpower bank, power bank, or laptop. Depending on the model, it can last for 60 minutes after being charged at home for between 2 and 5 hours.

The top part features an S-shaped hook that allows one to to hang it safely, e.g., on a trip or the car’s window, making it hands-free. This is a benefit for car campers with children as younger children can bathe with two hands.

Showers that are battery operated must have the ability to pull water from the water tank and send it into the horse pipe until your shower head.

It provides a soothing pressure to any user, giving it an advantage. I would also advise youngsters to try it.

The major drawback of this shower with battery power is that you have to recharge it before us, and it requires an external bucket or tank.

If you’re looking for this kind of show,r Ivation portable Shower is a great option.

4. Foot Pump Shower

These are the top options for those who camp in cars or anyone who spends most of the time in the van. Showers using foot pumps are unique in their own ways.

It is basically an apparatus pressurized with the foot to create pressure, thus leaving hands-free. It can be laid out fairly well on the surface.

The water’s weight is very light, making one feel like you’re bathing at home since it offers an excellent water flow.

The biggest drawback of this shower head is that you’re the one who is responsible for the pressure, as well as some air leaks.

5. Road Shower

Road showers are installed on the rack system of the vehicle (the same system used in the roof tents) over the car, which gives the car a cool look.

The road shower is immediately compressed and can be pumped with an electric bike pump or tire inflator. It holds between 5 and 10 liters of water. It’s extremely adaptable and thus easy to alter the pressure of water.

It absorbs light and warms the water. However, in any manner, it is possible to use cold water,r however.

The downside to the shower on the street is it’s expensive and requires a roof rack to set up.

6. Water Bottle or Bucket

These are among the oldest and most cost-effective methods to shower.

If using a bucket, one can splash water on their body with their hands.

Another option is to add additional items to the bucket, such as pipes for water switch connectors or rubber and sprinkler heads. They must be fixed in the middle inside the container. The bucket is then hung or set on a surface so that water flows downwards by gravity.

To use the water bottle option, all you need to have is an empty container for water (about two to five liters) and fill it with water. Then, you’ll need to punch holes in the lid’s top and along the sides of the bottle. After that, straws or tubes have inserted that act as their vent.

This shower is a bit primitive shower. However, it’s effective in completing the task.

It is vital since it allows the air from the bottle, allowing for the water to flow freely, after which it is inverted to let the water drip downwards towards one particular body.

What You Need To Shower When Camping

Also, don’t forget to bring some shower essentials like shampoo or towels. They are essential, and here are a few other items you may not have thought of:

1. Suction Hook Cups

This is a device that assists in hanging your towels or clothes and keeps them dry when showering. It is a great way to hang soap bags or carry bags.

2. Flip-Flops

Most outdoor showers are a bit unpredictable and used by a lot of people who might not take pride in their hygiene as much as you. To ensure your safety, wear flip-flops that can protect you from getting injured by harmful insects, objects, and microorganisms. If you are a beginner, forget about bringing your Gucci sliders!

3. Shower Curtain

It is a huge piece of fabric that can be folded around a spring rod to increase privacy since most spaces are opened .it creates a space like a bathroom, which allows for a shower in the way that suits them.

4. Spring Rod

This rod is intended to twist into a pleasing shape, such as a rectangular or rectangle. This rod can connect the curtain to create an attractive bathroom. If someone forgets to attach the hook with suction cups, it could be used to hang towels.

5. Soap

This is not essential for those using shower gels but is useful for putting on soap bars to keep the soap from becoming dirty.

6. Towel

That is fast-drying. There is such a thing.

We want to think that we’ve explained to you the best way to shower on your next outdoor excursion, mostly during car camping.

It includes the essentials you should bring along. Keep ourselves clean and have more fun. You don’t need to search for shower facilities in public when camping.

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