I’ve Got The Job

wednesday, june 24, 2009
I’ve Got The Job
Wow, this is a great news. I’ve got the job.

So this is my 2nd pro freelance job that I got in 2 months and this time work for international company.

Let see if I can pass training time.

Good luck guys!!

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sunday, june 21, 2009
Last 2nd Interview
It turn out that my 2nd interview last Friday going very well.

The manager who talked with me sound very nice person.

We’re not talking about the future job itself but also talk about my interest now and just what I do in daily life.

He said my activity to sell coffee is interesting. 😀

O yeah if you need bean/roasted/powder robusta coffee bean, you can contact me. 😀

Wish me luck for this job!! Have a nice weekend mate!!

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friday, june 19, 2009
Wisma Ary’s, Yogyakarta
I’m not sure if you need this kind of information

But if you need cheap hotel in Yogyakarta/Jogjakarta, I really recommend Wisma Ary’s.

With just 230.000 rupiahs (around 20 euros) you can get beautifull room with AC. I was delighted with service of this hotel.

The hotel simply just beautifull and the staff was really nice. The building also not really looks like hotel since the owner are artist.

You can check their website here to get know this hotel.

Happy holidays guys!!

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2nd Interview
Later tonight I will have 2nd interview for a new job.

if everything going smooth there wil be 3rd interview as last interview for me

Honestly to say I’m quiet nervous for this since I never have interview before for a job eventhough this is freelance job.

So wish me luck for skype interview later.

Peace & out

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Advan Vanbook A1N70T from Alnect Computer
If you see the appearance from Advan Vanbook A1N70T netbook, this netbook seems appropriate for a blogger.

How it become like that?

Yap, with only 1.2 kg weigh, it’s suitable for a blogger to take it everywhere, especially for Indonesian blogger with high mobility so they can post wherever they are.

With Intel ATOM N270 1.6 Ghz battery power can be optimized for more sparingly. Webcam 1.3 Megapixels ready to accompany us to have chatt and tele conference. Moreover, 4 in 1 card reader attached to accommodate all types of memory card from the camera that we use. Blog posts without pictures will make blog without taste, isn’t it?

The competitive from this netbook can also be seen from their price of only Rp. 3.495.000. With the Atom processor output inside, it’s enough to give weapons for a blogger to make post anywhere.

Huge HDD save power with 160GB, it’s seem enough to store all types of files that are actually we need.

If you located at public space, make blog post is not a problemat all as long you can find hotspot area. 10 / 100 Ethernet, WLAN 802.11 B / G MiniCard module is ready to accompany you wherever you can find wifi.

More interesting if you want to get this netbook Advan just for free, just taking a blog review competition from Alnect Computer. Simply just click the banner below to join the competition.
Alnect computer Blog Contest
So when to get a netbook can be so easily like this? Just a price of review. Join now or you will regret. 😀
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wednesday, june 03, 2009
ACheapSeat, place that you can trust
Often I have difficulty buying a ticket for a particular performance or sport events. Of course, on internet era like this, you do not need to come to performance building and buy tickets directly. With just a few clicks on our mouse, you can already get a ticket you want. Of course to do this kind online transactions , we need to do it on trust online transactions place.

I knew AcheapSeat.com is one of online transaction media that can be trusted enough. You can conduct a transaction over the phone or online. And you can do payments with credit cards that have been very common. Ticket’s delivery will be done with Delivery’s company who has world wide trust and at this time that can be done only for USA and Canada area.

If you are interested there may be some event tickets can get you in the near future. The first is Petco Park tickets. Petco Park is an open-air stadium in downtown San Diego, California. You can see the game from the San Diego Padres that will be made on 3 June – 4 October 2009.

The second is the Beacon Theater Tickets. BEACON Theater designed by Chicago architect Walter W. Ahlschlager and opened in 1928. With a spectacular building like this, you will enjoy any performance that will be done there.

The latter maybe Chastain Park Amphitheater Tickets. They have many performance will be held in 2009 , may be this place is a place that you must visit.

So? Book a ticket now.

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tuesday, february 10, 2009
About Health Insurance
Who does not need health insurance at this time? AffordableHealthInsurance.NET is one source to find out everything about affordable health insurance.

Currently in the United States, not only the poor who do not have any insurance but also the community who has enough money. Most people also do not have enough information to get accurate information about health insurance.

Affordable health insurance gave some options to provide more resources to get enough knowledge about insurance. You can find many sources from books, blogs or web sites.

This site also provides information about some organizations that can help you to find information about insurance. Information you obtained from this site can be enough trust because all the information processed from the network of contributors which is reliable.

In addition you can also find tips to get affordable health insurance. I think recently our life filled with more disease risk. Have health insurance is definitely not a choice but has become a must.

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monday, january 26, 2009
Blomus’s Product
Recently, I visited one of online stores that offer stainless equipment and they sell blomus stainless steel fireplace accessories . Because most or all products that they offer made by blomus. They sell various types of stainless equipment from stainless steel mailbox until stainless steel fireplace accessories.

I saw one interesting product in the outdoor category. I never thought that there are so many products for stainless equipment installed for outdoor. Stainless steel products such as bird feeder and bath quite interesting for me. The design quiet beautiful to install in the garden of the house.

Completeness of product list covered from the small house equipment such as stainless steel ashtray. This site explains product’s detail simply through the images of products and it’s description. Of course the price also included.

To purchase blomus products quite easily, just by pressing the button add in the cart and the product that you want has been included in the shopping list.
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sunday, january 11, 2009
Tony Hair Styling is your answer
Do you need a complete hair care now? Perhaps Tony Hair styling can be your answer. Here, you find not only hair salon chalont or only hair salon chalont color, but you can find a full-service salon chalfont.

This site offers salon services with a well-trained staff of hair stylists, nail technicians, estheticians, and massage therapy. So you do not just take care your hair here but you can also take care your body, which tired with their massage therapists.

You can see this salon’s facilities by visit their site. Too see the facilities you can select tour of the salon. You can see how well the equipment they had from the front desk to massage therapist.

For service and price that they offer, you can choose services button. You’ll find details of the services they offer and also to make appointment via telephone.

I think their site simply reflect the quality of services they offer, so what are you waiting. Moreover, they are offering special discounts for you now.

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sunday, january 04, 2009
Need a LCD televion? Just come to shop wiki
After writing about shopwiki accessories, shopwiki appeared to have a guide to buying a television monitor. And why you will need a LCD television? Because the resolution of this television certainly better than plasma television.

In wikishop television you will be able to select LCD television from the guide that they provide. You can select a price range of television or color television that you want.

For price range option, it’s a little surprised with the additional button of shopwiki. You just have to slide the button to choose price range that you want. We can easily select price range from 1 – 500 US$ or 100 – 500US$.

For every price range, wikishop television will choose online stores that sell television with the options that we want. For 1 model of television, we can buy it from various shops. I thinks it’s very convenient for us if we can have lot of option, don’t we?
In addition wikishop television also provides related electronic products such as home audio system or home theater system if you want it. So I recommend this site to purchase electronic equipment

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